Wooden Garage Doors

If you are in search of a wooden garage door, Building Supplies Online offers a range of designs, some including lite panels, and some just plain doors, whichever suits your requirements.

Our Range of Wooden Garage Doors

Wooden garage doors have always been popular for anyone looking for a long lasting door. Not only is the manufacturing out of wood hugely beneficial, but every door is made out of beautiful wood, leaving beautiful markings that works for a more rustic look or a modern exterior.

On our website we have 2 different brands of door available;

  • LPD

JELD WEN are the largest manufacturer of quality timber interior and exterior doors in the United Kingdom. The other manufacturer is LPD Doors, which are another one of the leading door manufacturers in the UK. Either way, you will be investing in a beautifully designed and well manufactured door.

Maybe home owner in search of making your garage slightly more aesthetically pleasing? During the renovation stage of a new house and want something that would be more reliable than your last garage door? The range of wooden garage doors we offer at Building Supplies Online has fantastic qualities that would meet your requirements, not to mention the great prices.

Why Choose Wooden Garage Doors?

The choice of wood as the material means that the door is a durable and reliable investment. This is simply because the final product has the ability to resist natural forces of decay such as extreme weather conditions. Not only this, but there is also a reduced chance in warping and cracking in the wood due to the manufacturing methods.

If you care about the environment, we offer doors manufactured out of environmentally friendly timber, whereby the wood has been taken from sustainable forestry. The doors that are offered are easy to install and easily maintained. This means once you have taken the time to fit the doors, there is little protection required. You can either choose a set of doors that has glass panelling, meaning that natural light enters the garage.

If you are wanting to work in the garage, this is perfect to utilise the sunshine and avoid spending more money on lights. Or you can choose a door with no lites, meaning you have a safe and secured privacy system, and no one can see what is behind the doors. All the doors we have available utilise the natural markings of the wood to add to the aesthetic and create a door that will fit into any exterior.

Meaning that the door you choose would look aesthetically pleasing all year round. On average, experts say that wooden garage doors can last between 15-30 years. Proving the longevity of these doors, it would be a beneficial investment cost wise.

How to Choose your Wooden Garage Door

Our wooden garage doors includes a choice of wooden doors, with different designs for different aesthetics. We have doors with glass panelling available if you would like to have the option of allowing natural light into the garage. We also have just plain doors with no panelling for a simple look.

Then we have the middle ground with no lites but beautifully panelled designs, so you have an eye-catching aesthetic but a more private garage interior. If you are looking for a versatile door, to fit any setting, this selection would include everything you would need. You can also buy unfinished options if you want to personalise it by finishing it in your preferred choice, so you could paint it your own colour etc.

This selection has everything you would need for a charming wooden garage door.

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