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Internal French Doors

View our excellent range of quality Interior French Doors, choose from glazed or un glazed double doors designed to compliment your home.

What is an Internal French Door?

A French Door is ultimately a pair of double hinged doors that open outwards to allow you full access to the whole width of the door opening. Originally used for the patio, they are quickly becoming a popular choice for inside the home.

Originally from France, with origins in the early 17th century, Interior French Doors have been around for centuries. The style and design have adapted but ultimately the foundation behind the door has stayed the same. This is because they are so reliable and unique, keeping them in the market for centuries.

Our Range

Designed to create a flexible living space, Interior French Doors, sometimes referred to as double doors, have been used in homes for many years. French doors allow you to separate spaces, or throw open the doors to create flow between the rooms. Perfect for entertaining family or friends or creating private spaces for playrooms and home offices.

Our range includes up to 40 different styles meaning there is one to suit every taste. We offer both glazed and unglazed options.

Glazed Internal French Doors

  • Our Glazed Interior French Doors are fitted as standard with safety glass, allow natural daylight between rooms, and are available in a variety of finishes to add a distinctive look to any home.
  • Designed to give the feeling of space and to allow maximum light through your home, having Glazed Internal French Doors can be a practical yet stylish addition to your living space. With the flexibility to open the doors to extend your space, you can make a really inviting living area. Even when closed the natural light that comes through the glass panels of your Glazed Internal French Doors still gives the feeling of openness.

Oak Internal French Doors

Why Choose Internal French Doors?

  • They are a stylish feature within any home. Within our extensive range of designs, including contemporary and traditional styles, you are sure to find the perfect option for your home.
  • They create the illusion of more space, along with creating privacy throughout your home.
  • Interior French doors are famed for their durability, so meaning they truly are a very long term investment which is well worth earning in any dwelling
  • They are often considered to be the best looking doors you can purchase.
  • They have many different design patterns and can help open up a room to make it seem more spacious and open plan.
  • They increase ventilation within a household. Making them ideal for summer as you can open both of the doors to cool down a house quickly as well as letting a breeze flow through.

What Sizes are Available?

They are only available in pairs, usually with a frame that's just over two metres tall. Typically a pair of Internal French Doors are around 12500mm wide however are available in different sizes too.

If you have an opening that is unusually wide you may want to extend the wall to match the dimensions of your door or alternatively install a set of expanding internal french doors with sidelights. Sidelights are windows specifically designed to sit at the side of a set.

How to Fit?

  • Fitting them takes two people.
  • Without damaging the trim, remove the old frame with a hammer and pry bar.
  • Ensure the opening is square, if not you'll need to sandpaper it down.
  • Following the instructions from the kit, install carefully.
  • Check your Interior French Doors fit the new frame followed by screwing the frame in, lastly, hang them using the kit included. 

What is the difference between French doors and patio doors?

The main difference between interior french doors and patio doors is primarily how they open. You will find that a patio door opens on a track whereas a french door operates on hinges.

If you need additional help with door installation, please find our guide on standard door sizes. 

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    LPD White Downham Glazed Internal Door Pair

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    LPD White Coventry Glazed Internal Door Pair

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    LPD Oak Pattern 20 Glazed Internal Door Pair

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    LPD Oak Coventry Glazed Internal Door Pair

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