How to Choose Rooflights

A huge aspect of any property is the interior. It needs to be inviting and vibrant so you can enjoy your time in your home and other people can enjoy their time too. Often, properties do not have this because of a lack of daylight entering the home. This being said, a rooflight is the perfect solution when properties are lacking daylight.

Roof lights, sometimes called ‘skylights’, are simply openings in a roof to allow more light into the property. This can have a variety of benefits such as increased mood and productivity, as well as making the interior of your home look brighter and more aesthetic. Their are a variety of different rooflights on the Building Supplies Online website and you need to be certain that you are choosing the correct rooflight for your property.

Atlas Flat Rooflight Window Active Neutral Double Glazed


Considerations before Choosing

Firstly, when fitting a rooflight you need to be certain that it complies with all building regulations. There are a variety of factors that can affect this including;

  • The pitch of your roof
  • Whether you are replacing a pre-existing roof light or if you are looking to add a roof light to your existing property.

If roof light extensions are extensive they may be subject to harsher control. So bare this in mind before buying your rooflight. Also, if the roof light is going to be placed in a hard to reach area, then you may want to consider self cleaning glass. This is where the rooflight reacts with sunlight to breakdown dirt, so when it does rain the dirt will be easily washed away.


The pioneers of the rooflight are a company called ‘VELUX’. We have an extensive range of Velux roof lights on the Building Supplies Online website. They are a Danish company who popularized the pitched roof light back in the 1970’s. It was innovative at the time as it was better priced, easier to fit and allowed more daylight in than the windows they were using at the time. Although many different companies are now making rooflights, VELUX remains the most well known brand of roof lighting. VELUX has stood the test of time and continued to be innovative, so you can have full confidence that their products will be of fantastic quality!

VELUX White Painted Centre Pivot Roof Window


Different Types of Rooflight

Another consideration when buying a rooflight is whether it is double or triple glazed and/or laminated. Although double/triple glazed roof lights are more expensive, in the long run then can save you huge amounts of money. It will allow for more heat to stay in the building, perfect for those cold winter months. However latches and openings on roof lights will allow you to increase airflow and ventilation throughout the property. Laminated and toughened rooflights will add durability and sturdiness to prevent shattering when broken. If the roof is very high, then consider a rooflight which has been heat soaked so that you and your family are kept safe.

Solar Reflective Glass

With roof lights, many people are more concerned about overheating problems in summer than energy efficiency. It can become extremely hot making it uncomfortable to live in. Solar reflective glass or glass with low g factor can help with this. Many VELUX products come with this feature. The downside of Solar reflective glass is that it can reduce daylight exposure.

Blinds and Shutters

The other solution to this is shading, using blinds or shutters, so you can manually shade your home. Many of the modern roof lights on the Building Supplies Online website come with inbuilt ventilation, helping to keep your home cool. So although you have to take this into consideration, there are many options and pathways you can choose from.

VELUX Fixed Curved Glass Rooflight


Frame Materials

Frame materials for your rooflight is another key consideration when adding or changing a pre-existent roof light:

  • A metal frame will complement the more modern and contemporary house, adding an almost futuristic look to the property.
  • Timber is also a very popular frame however it can be difficult to install.
  • PVC is reliable and durable as well as very low maintenance, however the frames are larger, so may hinder the aesthetic side of the product.


Once you know all this, it comes down to the price! There are a variety of rooflights that differ in price from the lower end to the higher. Obviously the more modern VELUX rooflights are going to be higher in price however still competitive with all other websites and stores! Many of our rooflight ranges come with extensive warranties from 10 to even 20 years, worth splashing the cash on! Take all this into consideration and you will be reaping the rewards of beneficial sun light and a more contemporary look.