How to Choose the Right Bath for Your Bathroom

With the positive effects of self-care and meditative activities on our wellbeing becoming more widely known, many people are keen to reap the benefits. Remodelling your bathroom is the perfect opportunity to create a quiet, restorative place in your home where you can truly relax and escape the stresses of daily life; the perfect bath will add the ultimate touch of luxury. So, where do you start when it comes to finding your perfect bath? This helpful guide sets out the main considerations.

Posted on 11th June 2019, 4 minute read

April Horbury Contemporary Freestanding Bath


There are a few things you need to know before you begin. Firstly, measure your bathroom! Knowing the size of the space you have means you can find a bath that will maximise the area of your bathroom giving the best overall look.

Types of Bath

There are some beautiful baths for small bathrooms and some will even give the illusion of a bigger space. An offset corner bath can be neatly tucked into a corner that might otherwise be wasted space. Take a look at our Premier Pilot Offset Corner Bath with gorgeous soft curves for a great example.

Shower Bath

Another great option for a compact bathroom is a shower bath. This type of bath provides a spacious shower space over the bath so is perfect for a busy family home where there isn’t the option to have a separate shower cubicle but taking a bath isn’t always practical.

We have an extensive range of shower baths. Trusted brands like Ideal Standard and Ancona offer some modern-look angular L-shaped ones as well as the well-known P-shaped baths. If you need the flexibility of a shower bath but also want the more traditional roll-top look take a look at Burlington’s offering which ticks both boxes.

Roll-Top Bath

Burlington Blenheim Freestanding Single Ended Bath


If you have a larger space, a statement free-standing bath makes a stunning focal point and you really are spoilt for choice with this type of bath. When you imagine a free-standing bath, the image that instantly springs to mind is the classic roll-top.

A roll-top bath looks beautiful set on feet, or upon a plinth, and can really be adapted to fit in with all kinds of interior design. Typically complemented with a period style tap they fit perfectly in an older home or if you are going for a more edgy look, juxtapose a roll top with modern fittings and accessories.

Contemporary Freestanding Bath

For an all-out modern feel, opt for a contemporary style freestanding bath. Our range offers an unrivalled choice of shapes to give your bathroom a unique feel. Something like the Cleargreen Nouveau Freestanding Bath offers simple, clean lines for a minimalist look.

Brands like April, Mayfair and Empoli all have some really interesting bowl shapes for something a more different that will make a design statement.

Classic Panelled Bath

Probably the most popular bath style and something that will be suitable for most sizes of bathroom, is the classic panelled bath. This is made up of a standard bath fitted against one or more walls and then enclosed by panels on any exposed sides.

It’s a good basic option as the panels can be chosen to fit in with your bathroom design and can easily be changed for a quick refresh. Wooden panels such as Natural Oak Bath Panels from Hudson Reed can really warm up and cool room and can seamlessly blend with your flooring giving the illusion of a bigger space. It also makes it easy to access plumbing and pipes.

Which One Suits your Lifestyle Best?

Another important consideration is how your bath needs to work for your lifestyle. As touched on earlier, a shower bath is ideal for family life allowing you to have a bath or a shower in the same space.

All types of bath have the option to be single or double ended, which is becoming more and more popular. A double ended bath doesn’t really have any downsides, it gives the lone bather more space and makes room for shared baths.

Design loves symmetry so situating the tap and waste in the centre is more pleasing to the eye as well. If one of your rituals is long relaxing soak, the internal shape of the bath is also important, something with smooth curves is going to be much more comfortable than a sharp angular design.


These days many baths are made from acrylic. This makes them cheap, easy to transport and install, and hard-wearing. This will be the best option if you are sticking to a tight budget.

If you can spend a bit more it is worth checking out the range of baths made from more traditional materials such as cast-iron and steel which are of exceptional quality and will last a lifetime. Steel and cast-iron both have the excellent ability to retain heat, keeping your bath warm for longer.

It is worth bearing in mind these materials are extremely heavy so if you live in an older home the floor may need some reinforcement prior to installation. If the sole aim of your bathroom design is pure unadulterated luxury, consider a natural stone bath for a true spa-like bathing experience.

We have ensured or range has something for every wallet so you can expect to spend anything from a few hundred to a few thousand pounds.