Our Guide to Radiator Brands

Deciding which radiators to buy is a difficult decision for buyers, so we are hoping our guide to radiator brands will help business owners and homeowners make the right choice for them.

For many customers the style and design will be the primary reason for choosing a radiator. Often the style and colour of the radiator they choose is dictated by the need for it to match the décor of a home of room. Other times, the radiator may well be a design statement and the focus of the room, with the rest of the décor planned around it.

Understandably, for many customers the price is a primary consideration, as few buyers will have unlimited funds and most will be compromising between cost and style.

In these cases, our guide to radiator brands should prove invaluable. For some buyers energy efficiency is the most important issue, either to achieve long term cost savings, or to reduce the impact they are having on the planet’s limited resources.

For those who are environmentally aware, choosing a radiator which has a low carbon footprint, long lifespan and has maximum recyclability is a major issue.

Different Brands

Reina Fiore Designer Vertical Radiator


In our guide to radiator brands, we will review some of the major brands, starting with:

1. Supplies4Heat

Supplies4Heat bring an Italian design to radiator manufacturing. As Italy’s leading manufacturer of design led radiators, Supplies4Heat have produced a impressive range of eye-catching products at very affordable prices, all backed by a ten years guarantee and supplied with wall brackets included. Supplying a broad range of price competitive, well designed radiators that are available in many different colours and finishes, Supplies4Heat are well worth considering, especially for those seeking a great value price.

2. Zehnder

Zehnder have been at the forefront of innovative radiator design since the 1980s. Very much design-led, they utilise internationally renowned designers to ensure their comprehensive range of designs means they can offer radiators to suit every kind of building from country houses and minimalist modern living spaces to office blocks and normal family homes.

Zehnder have gone a stage further in their desire to ensure they fulfil their customers’ needs by creating a Customer Experience Centre which has a showroom showcasing the latest technological advances in home heating.

In addition, potential customers can visit Flat 51, a home specially built to demonstrate the different options available to homeowners and The Building which highlights the options available in offices and other commercial premises.

Zehnder radiators have a short response to ensure rooms heat up quickly and are designed to work efficiently with low heat systems. They have an exciting range of decorative radiators in styles and shapes which are designed to fit and shape and any décor.

Reina Stadia Designer Radiator


3. Reina

If almost unlimited choice is a prerequisite, then there is no doubt that Reina radiators should get a mention in our guide to radiator brands since they produce an astonishing range of different styles.

Reina produce a wide range of types of radiators including:

  • Traditional
  • Aluminium
  • Mild steel
  • Stainless-steel
  • Tower radiators

Catering for modern trends as well as traditional classics, Reina have incorporated the very latest in energy efficiency designs into their extensive range of radiators. Having a full understanding of how they can transform the look of a home or business premises, Reina’s key criteria are uniqueness, style, desirability and innovation.

4. Hudson Reed

A family-run business with a strong commitment to manufacturing in Britain, Hudson Reed are in our guide due to their quality craftsmanship, high-end design and ability to produce stunning radiators at very affordable prices.

With over a dozen different radiator design styles and ranges, Hudson Reed offer:

  • Slimline
  • Vertical
  • Horizontal
  • Curved with flat panel
  • Curved with double panels

As well as these, they offer a wide variety of innovative and unusual designs that can make the radiator the eye-catching main feature of a room. Confident in the quality of their design and manufacture, Hudson Reed offer a truly impressive twenty years guarantee on their products.