Our Top Bathroom Radiator Picks

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Adding a radiator to your bathroom not only warms the room but will give you somewhere to warm and air your bath towels. Bathroom radiators were once seen as a luxury item to add to your bathroom but are far more popular today as they are very practical and the days of chilly bathrooms are long gone. The idea of a relaxing bath or refreshing shower in a cosy room with warm towels to use is far more appealing.


There are many styles of radiator you can use for a bathroom or shower room, some are more stylish than others which could be more of a feature than just a practical addition.


A standard radiator would work for use in any room. These are now available in several alternative colours to the regular white. Therefore you can choose a coordinating colour to fit your colour scheme. Standard radiators emit a good level of heat, so are great in a larger room that would be harder to warm thoroughly with a heated towel rail alone. You would need to consider the placement of the radiator as they are inclined to rust easily; site the radiator away from direct water splashing.

A traditional bathroom radiator with a built-in towel rail can look great in a house of the right era or for a bathroom with bygone glamour. They tend to be paired with basins with chrome legs for a really classic look.

These radiators can be run from your central heating or electronics which is handy if the pipework for adding a radiator to your heating would be hard to conceal.

Hudson Reed Marquis Radiator Heated Towel Rail


Floor Standing

Floor standing radiators are also available in this traditional style or in a very modern almost industrial fashion. If you have space for this type, then they are extremely practical as their pipework can be routed under the floorboards for a neat finish.

When paired with a roll top freestanding bath this style can give you a bang up to date look and a really stylish bathroom.

Vertical Radiators

Often bathrooms are the smallest room in the house and it can hard to squeeze adequate heating in, this is where vertically hung radiators are useful. Vertical slim radiators take up little wall space and if hung relatively high up, they will utilize wall space that would otherwise be empty. These vertical radiators are flat fronted instead of ladder style, but often they come with optional towel hooks and rails to hang your towels up too.

Vertical radiators are made in several types of metal, with the most modern types commonly coming in aluminium which heats up fast, meaning your bathroom is warmed up fast, saving you money on heating bills. The aluminium also throws the heat out efficiently and evenly.

Stainless steel radiators are also a good choice simply because they will not rust in a steamy bathroom or for a wet room style shower room. Stainless steel is easy to keep clean with just soapy, warm water and a soft cloth meaning it is low maintenance once installed.

Reina Diva Electric Curved Heated Towel Rail Chrome


Towel Rails

A very popular choice for bathrooms is a chrome heated towel rail, these are available in many sizes to fit all bathrooms. They are smart looking, ladder style radiators and are perfect for hanging towels on to dry. Towel rails are economical to purchase and would be a stylish feature in your bathroom.

Whilst these radiators are great for drying and airing towels they don't throw a huge amount of heat into the room so are best suited to smaller bathrooms, which they will keep cosy easily.

Electric towel rails are a great choice for year-round warm towels or to warm the bathroom on an unexpected chilly morning when the central heating is off for the summer.

It is also possible to get an electric radiator that is made of mirrored glass; what a great space saving idea! Other options include styles made of plain glass, which are available in many colours for a really contemporary look. These lightweight glass electric radiators are slimline and take up less space than a standard radiator. They can be wall or even ceiling hung for the ultimate space saving idea.

Infrared glass radiators work differently in as much as they heat the items in a room instead of the air, this leads to speedy warming up and efficient use of power. These radiators also have extra fittings such as a towel rail that can be added to hang towels up as well.

Reina Ricadi Designer Heated Towel Rail Stainless Steel



Designer radiators are made in electric and plumbed in types and are a very contemporary way to add a stylish feature to your bathroom as they will be a real talking point. They are made in all sorts of weird and wonderful shapes to complement your modern bathroom and some have moveable arms that you can angle to their best effect.

There are many colours and finishes of the designer radiator to choose from, currently very popular is the anthracite grey style but ever popular are chrome and white which always look good in a bathroom. Another thing to consider is that most of these radiators would work equally well and not look out of place in a kitchen if you need heating there.

For any radiator, it is important to check for safety features such as a thermostat to prevent the radiator from becoming too hot to touch. This is especially important in a family bathroom.

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