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Composite Decking

What is Composite Decking?

Composite decking is a man-made product combined of mix of wood fibres, plastics and a small number of bonding agents. This mix is firstly heated, then formed into board shaped lengths and before being cooled.

It’s a type of outdoor flooring that is an excellent addition to your home. Not only does it add style and sophistication to your home, it brings good quality and health to your land and outdoor exterior.

Different Types of Composite Decking

There are many different types and styles that you can choose from, where by you can select which is most appropriate for you and your home. We offer a wide range of styles as want you to be spoilt by choice.

Not only do they add variation to your land by more colour and materials than just simple greenery, it encourages different dimensions to your land- your decking may be higher than your greenery.

This very aesthetically pleasing and so is an excellent investment. Adding a gorgeous modern touch to your exterior, our composite decking may just be the finishing touches to a welcoming but fashionable home.

Adding a decking to your exterior not only adds variation but breaks up your land dependant on its purpose. A decking brings a sense of sophistication, we promises to have the perfect products for you, at the highest quality, in order to achieve this.

A decking may be used for outdoor furniture, BBQ’s, etc therefore its important that the deck tiles and panels are strong and secure, so you and your belongings are safe.

Advantages of Composite Decking?

  • The materials at which are contained in our products make them more durable and resistant to rotting, becoming damp and cracks. Our products are strong and high quality, there for there is less maintenance as they will remain stable due to its high levels of durability. Therefore, with high levels of safety, this product is a promising investment.
  • They are suitable for all weather types; during wet and rain weather our products have great slip resistance due to minimal water absorption and so all risks of falling over are minimised. Therefore, our products would also be suitable around pool and wet areas.
  • Our products also don’t warp or fade in the sun, and so maintains its colour and tones regardless of the weather. This is very positive as it proves how our products are extremely durable regardless of the impacts put on them.
  • Our products do not have to be sealed, stained or painted and so the condition they come in is the condition they will remain- this means they are more cost effective and a sensible investment.
  • Our decking panels are easy to install as there are no nails needed and gives a nice flat finish.
  • Our products are easily cleaned with a hose or other cleaning device and so are not hard to maintain or keep its wellbeing.

Our Range of Composite Decking

The products we have on offer range in colour, size and thickness so that you can choose the product most appropriately and accordingly to your exterior styles and sizing.

Our composite decking all come from the Eva-Last Infinity range which is one of the largest and leading co-extruded bamboo plastic composite products in the world, offering the latest in innovation, design and a superior, eco-friendly, hassle-free alternative to traditional timber.

The Eva-Last® Infinity™ range offers decking that’s designed with the environment in mind, all whilst keeping exquisite aesthetics and ultimate functionality a priority.

Choosing your Composite Decking

  • If you’re after dark, intense tones then the HD square edge Mossel Bay grey could be the perfect product for you at an appealing price of £105.49 per pack of two, with dimensions 20x140x4800mm.
  • This also comes in a more rectangular shape which is the grooved edge version; therefore, you can choose according to what fits best with your decking designs. This is also similar for the grooved edge composite deck board tiger cove.
  • With the same price and dimensions, you can choose this for its gorgeous brown, warm tones in either its traditional rectangular shape, or for £73.00 you could opt for a much thinner structure with dimensions 12x150x2200mm.
  • If you require lighter, more flamboyant tones with a traditional rectangular structure then the grooved edge composite deck board sapphire silver at £105.49, with dimensions 20x140x4800mm, is the product for you.
  • These light grey tones promise to lighten your exterior and come in either the dimensions previously stated or 12x150x2200mm at £73.00. Therefore, you can choose the product sizing appropriately.

Every product is made to please all our customers; therefore, we can reassure there will be no disappointment. We promise that each of our products are made with the highest quality manufacturers so there will be no problems and issues for the durability of instalment.


At a 5 day delivery, we promise high quality service when purchasing, delivering and installing, to prove we are the best company for you.

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