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At Building Supplies Online, we pride ourselves on the variety and quality of Decking Timber that we provide on our website.

Why Decking Timber?

  • Decking Timber is accessible for all in the UK with nationwide delivery, you are only one step away from completing the perfect patio. The patio is an essential element to a variety of different properties, adjoining the outside area to the property itself. This area is perfect for dining, especially for summer, it is ideal for family gatherings and social gatherings.
  • Decking Timber is an aesthetic and useful way of completing a patio which is sure to bring you good times for years to come.
  • Decking Timber provides a natural look which will compliment any garden and bring a bit of timeless class to your property.
  • When rejuvenating your patio area, it is important to make sure that the timber deck style that's right for your property.
  • If your property does not have a garden or natural elements to it, the Decking Timber may not be the right fit for you. However, for those who do have a natural garden or exterior, the timber decking is an essential in really improving the exterior of the house by complimenting gardens and flowers beautifully.
  • It is ideal as it blends in with the natural elements and is a smooth transition from property to the outside area.
  • If you are looking to sophisticate and improve your home then the timber decking is highly recommended and is sure to leave you feeling happy and content.
  • It is an alternative to your stone based patios and is lighter in both weight an colour.
  • The minimal weight of the product compared to stone based patios means that it is easier to install and the lighter colour means that it will invigorate your garden and make it a brighter and happier area.

Choosing your Decking Timber

Whether you’re on a budget or ready to splash the cash, there is the right timber decking for you. All competitively priced in terms of the value that they give you in return. Each timber deck comes with an astonishing 15 year warranty!

Providing you with the confidence that the Decking Timber is durable and will be able to with stand the harshest of conditions, come rain or shine. However, style has not diminished through durability, as the natural looking product will professionalise as well create a perfect blend of human design with natural style.

Not only this, all of our Decking Timber come with a rigid surface finish. This will add adhesion and grip when walking on it, especially useful when it has been raining, the timber decking will undoubtably minimise the risk of injury through slipping.

This therefore makes the product essential for many property owners, especially those with high risk individuals in their home such as children and the elderly.

All our Decking Timber is manufactured and made to the highest quality, where we pride in providing the most premium products at the most competitive prices.

What is our Decking Timber Made from?

  • Our Decking Timber is made from pressure treated timber.
  • Pressure timber is where the timber has certain preservatives forced into them instead of just using a coat.
  • Being wood that is outside, it is very easy for external elements such as water and infestation such a termites to damage and destroy the wood.
  • However, when the timber decking has been pressure treated, it will diminish the damage caused by these elements significantly, adding years of life to the product and reducing the amount of up keep needed.
  • With all our products we consider the environmental effect that our products have, and try to reduce the harm and damage to our planet as best we can.

Quality of our Decking Timber

Sustainability is therefore essential and this has been taken into consideration with the Decking Timber available.

All our timber products are manufactured sustainably and are FSC certified. Timber materials are a key element of the construction trade as it is high quality, stylish and sustainable. The preservatives pressured into the timber decking further enhances the life span of the product, giving it durability and stopping the need to replace it regularly.

The decking tiles also come with integral bearers that add to the strength and sturdiness of the product so it is very hard to damage.


Delivery for the Decking Timber is between 3-5 days so you can get under way with landscaping within the week. Coming in 2 packs of 4 and one pack of 16, you can calculate the necessary timber boards needed to complete your project. Although lightweight for its purpose, delivery will still be considered heavy and will be delivered outside your property.

The timber decking can really finish off your property well, so make sure the timber decking is installed correctly and you are sure to have a long lasting and aesthetic patio for years to come!

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