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Decorative Fence Panels

Bring your garden or home exterior to life with some Decorative Fence Panels, available in many designs from our range.

The decorative fencing available at Building Supplies Online are designed and produced by Forest, the UK's leading and most trusted manufacturer and distributor of quality wooden garden products for over 50 years.

Forest have two sawmills in the UK processing locally-sourced timber, as well as a Head Office in Hartlebury, Worcestershire, they currently manufacture and deliver garden buildings, fencing, decking and decorative garden structures all over the UK.

Our Range of Decorative Fencing

They can proudly say that the majority of the timber they use is cut in their very own sawmills from trees grown in the UK. Not only that, but the range is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® and the products proudly carry the FSC® logo - so you know that the timber used in your fence is ethically sourced from well-managed, sustainable forests that are replanted for future generations.

  • Our Decorative Fencing comes in all shapes, sizes and colours to suit your taste – why settle for plain fencing when there are so many exciting options to choose from?
  • They range from subtle and classy to intricate and modern, and we guarantee that you will be the envy of all your neighbours whichever style you decide on.
  • With cost-effective Decorative Fence Panels that cater for all budgets and won’t break the bank, you can’t possibly go wrong.

Choosing your Decorative Fencing

  • There are so many options available when looking at decorative fences so you need to look at what you are using the fencing for and the desired look that you want to achieve. It is important that the wood fence you chose matches the style of garden you are going for.
  • On top of style, some of the options we have available are extremely practical and have panels that overlap, giving a solid panel look which is perfect for giving you privacy and security in your garden and so is a great option if you have young children or pets that you want to keep safe.
  • At Building Supplies Online, we have a number of options for your fencing based on the sizing you require and what will look best in your garden.
  • It is also worth knowing what height of the fence you can put up due to any building regulations in your area before you buy your decorative panels, to ensure you don’t need any extra permission.

One of the most obvious factors to think about regarding your Decorative Fencing decision is whether you want straight or curved panels. The Forest Europa offers a traditional straight panel design with an updated look bringing it into the 21st century.

Similarly, the Forest Europa Montreal design has straight beams, but with a trellis panel design section built in at the top.

  • If you’re looking for something a bit different, the Forest Europa Vienna, Strasbourg, Prague and Hamburg designs all incorporate wavy edges to produce a variety of exciting Decorate Fencing options.
  • We also have Decorative Fence Panels with domed tops, such as the Finedon and Bradville models. You can choose vertical, horizontal or diagonal panelling to achieve your desired Decorative Fencing vibe.
  • Some of our Decorative Fencing styles do not use traditional wood panels and are instead made from round timbers or woven willow. These are ideal if you want a truly unique border for your garden that will turn heads as a standalone feature.

The natural tones are carefully selected to look great against the natural greenery of the outside world, creating a wonderful colour palette to complement any garden. All our Decorative Fence Panels come from Forest, a leading manufacturer of garden products, giving you access to high-quality fencing at competitive prices.

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