Decorative Aggregate

Decorative Aggregate

Explore our range of Decorative Aggregates from industry leading brands such as Marshalls. Decorative aggregate is an effective way to renovate your garden, driveway or pathways. There is a huge range of decorative stones in many colours and textures available. Use these to coordinate or complement your garden border planting or landscape.

Why Decorative Aggregates?

  • Investing in some Decorative Aggregates has a lot of benefits. It can add an interesting dimension to your garden design but also make you feel homely and happy.
  • These come in many different kinds and so you can choose appropriately as to what is most suitable for you. It adds variation to your land by more colour than simple greenery.
  • Using these can add a gorgeous modern touch to your land and so are the finishing touches to a welcoming but fashionable home.
  • The decorative aggregates are not just a garden product! They can be used for front porches and driveways as well. So before you have even entered your home or building, you can tell it has been engraved with style
  • Seeing such exterior before entering the building encourages you to gather a sophisticated feel for your home. These products don’t just enhance the look; it is also very beneficial for the wellbeing of your plants and land. It can encourage plants and flowers to grow healthily around it which also enhances the look of your exterior.

Our Range of Decorative Aggregates

  • Our products are a sensible investment as our aggregates do not disappoint.
  • Decorative aggregates come in many different forms and we want to offer all these to you. This is so that you can choose which is most appropriate for your land designs. We offer a wide selection of slate that could enhance your outside designs.
  • Many of our Decorative Aggregate products can be used to enhance your water features. Make your water features stand out in the garden with our decorative aggregate. Along with making ponds and waterfalls stand out, a splash of water will bring our aggregate to life. Water makes our aggregates look shiny and glossy
  • You may prefer to opt for our Decorative Aggregate products which mainly are put to best use to compliment water features and borders. With smooth look and feel, these products create a homely, soothing feel to your exterior due to its soft colours and dimensions.
  • Our website offer warmer colours for you to add a more calming addition to your outside designs. Or you can opt for more colder, harsher colours and structures if you are aiming for a more intense look to your garden.
  • We have products that cater for all. Our cobbles and pebbles also look gorgeous in all weather types and so are. For a unique and interesting dimension to you garden, we have a wide range of chippings and gravel for you to choose from for many different purposes.
  • You may place these as borders, patios, pathways or driveways proving these products are practical for all situations. We provide a wide range of colours and shades which you can chose most appropriately for the look you are going for as your exterior.
  • We offer warm soft browns and reds for more subtle designs. However we also more cold colours like greys and dark greens for a sharper feel.
  • Although these products seem relatively similar, they are all unique within their colours and dimensions. In comparison you may decide to invest in our Horticultural products.

Choosing your Decorative Aggregates

These helps improve soil condition and performance for a variety of applications, as well as providing a base to bed rockeries and planters. The products we offer to you have the biggest variety. Some coming as a stone type design with more warm, softer colours and others coming as a bark type material which retain moisture during summer times, helping weed growth. Furthermore, we offer soil type products which function to help your garden flourish.

Every product is made to please all our customers; thus, we can reassure there will be no disappointment. We promise that each of our products are made with the highest quality manufacturers. There will be no problems and issues for the durability of instalment.

  • Decorative aggregate is ideal for using around plants in your garden as a mulch. It will suppress weed growth and helps keep the soil damp during hot, dry weather, it will also keep the soil warmer in winter.

  • Certain shades of decorative aggregate and decorative stones can look quite different when wet. Some also sparkle in the sunshine. These statement types of decorative stones are ideal for detail in borders to give a real pop of colour.
  • Certain decorative aggregates are suitable for use in and around your garden pond as they are safe to use near fish. For driveways, it is best to use stronger decorative stones like granite, basalt or flint. These types of decorative aggregate will be more hard wearing and able to take the weight of your car.
  • It is also a good idea to consider the size of the decorative aggregate pieces. Larger stones are less likely to get stuck in your tyre treads or form ruts on the driveway. The sizes of stone in decorative aggregate vary enormously, so choose carefully.
  • When making a decorative aggregate footpath it is good to use more pointed pieces of decorative stones. These fit together better when walked on and don't get washed away if it rains. Some decorative aggregate is made from recycled materials, such as glass chippings. These can look amazing around plants and can be used indoors as well as outdoors on raised beds and rockeries.

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