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Shovels & Spades

Spades and shovels are essential garden tools when maintaining or improving your garden area or helpful when generally labouring. Spades and Shovels help to shift mass amounts of soil, stones, gravel, sand and many more!

Our Range of Shovels & Spades

At Building Supplies Online, we pride ourselves on our diverse range of shovels and spades. Not only diversity, but we also make sure we offer the best brands out there, so you know you’re getting a quality product. Brands include Bulldog, Fiskars, Kent & Stowe, Roughneck and Faithfull.

All these brands have their individual qualities, with Bulldog always making standard gold products, ensuring you get the best outcome. As well as this, Fiskars has been around since 1649, modernising throughout the years, it has stood the test of time.

Every brand of shovel and spade has its benefits, giving you every confidence no matter what brand of spade you get, you’ll benefit indefinitely.

Choosing your Shovels & Spades

Our range of shovels and spades are incredibly durable and functional, both essential aspects. Our range includes carbon steel and stainless steel shovels and spades.

  • Carbon steel is steel which uses carbon as the alloying element. The carbon is added because as the carbon content rises, it becomes harder and stronger.
  • This increased strength means that it is perfect when lifting and shifting heavy materials.
  • Spades and shovels come under a lot of duress, so the strength component of it is essential.
  • The carbon steel also increases elasticity, meaning the shovels and spades can withstand tensile strength, thus adding to some of our shovels and spades durability.

Stainless Steel Spades & Shovels

We also have a range of spades and shovels which incorporate stainless steel. It is a steel alloy with contents of iron. The benefits of our stainless steel shovels and spades are that they are none corrosive and will not oxidise (or rust) over time. This, therefore, makes the products life span longer and increases strength. Loading potential may vary slightly between each shovel and spade so be sure to research which one is the best for you!

However, all of our range is sturdy and strong, so there is no need to worry too much. All our shovels and spades have a classic ‘D’ handle shape, which is perfect for grip and allows you to load more weight while levering the spade effectively.

Benefits of the Shovels & Spades we Offer

  • Our range of comfortable grip handles has many benefits too.
  • They are manufactured in a precise way to alleviate the pain which can be caused by wooden handles.
  • This diminishes the risk of blisters and sores on your hands, meaning you can shovel for longer.
  • As well as this, the comfortable grip handles are incredibly adhesive, so the shovel or spade will not slip out of your hand, even on those rainy and snowy days.
  • Joints and fixings between the handle and spade head are healthy and made in a way that makes them near impossible to snap.
  • So no matter the load, our range of shovels and spades are up to the task.
  • Polypropylene is another element which makes our range of shovels and spades the best out there. This material makes it resistant to scratching and moisture.
  • Moisture build-up can damage the shovel and weaken it, so this material is an important aspect. All out shovels and spades are made to be lightweight and nimble. Weight is a crucial aspect to the spade, as carrying heavy loads is already a tasking job as it is.
  • The lightweight material used means you can effortlessly shift heavy elements. Perfect for the elderly who may struggle to lift heavy loads.

The benefits don’t stop there!

  • With our Shovels and Spades all designed with an ergonomic purpose. This is relating to the efficient design of the products whereby it makes working with them more comfortable and effortlessly.
  • Heads of our range of shovels and spades differ from flat to pointed. Each has a benefit, with flat being able to take more loads, however, indicated can allow you do dig in and cut into mounds of material.
  • Coming in a variety of colourways and sizes, there is a plethora of shovels and spades to choose from.

How do I Know Which Size to Choose?

Size of spade may depend on the job you are doing and the size of the individual. On the Building Supplies Online website, our prices for shovels and spades are competitive with any other company and can suit a variety of different budgets. Going from £5.50 to £29.93, none of them will take a big chunk out of your wallet or purse. Need this product in a hurry? Then there is no need to worry!

Our range of shovels and spades take only 1 - 2 working days to be delivered. Delivery is nationwide in the UK. For more information on ordering yourself a shovel or spade, visit the Building Supplies online website You can order online with our easy to navigate site, so what are you waiting for? 

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