Outdoor Paint Themes

Are you seeking inspiration for a full garden transformation? If so, you have come to the right place! Giving your garden a complete revamp is so much easier than ever before thanks to the extensive range of outdoor paints now available on the market.

Posted on 10th June 2019, 3 minute read

Explore White Outdoor Paint


Nowadays, the idea of your garden as an extra room, and an extension of your home is increasingly popular, so when it comes to giving it a facelift, why not give it the same treatment as your home’s interior.

Gone are the days of garden wood being either brown or erm, brown, now your garden can be adorned in any colour that you choose, the only limit is your imagination. From subtle Silver Birch to the not-so-subtle Sweet Sundae, there is a shade of outdoor paint available to suit every garden.

Outdoor paint isn’t just attractive, it is also really useful too, with many modern formulations also protecting your wood from rot as well.

If you are planning an overhaul of your outdoor space, you may be wondering where on earth to get started. A useful way to decide on a scheme is to think about what you do and don’t like about your garden as it is currently, and which parts would benefit from a makeover. Thinking about what you like to do in your garden is an important consideration too, is it somewhere to relax, or somewhere to party? As you start to think practically about the space, you may find yourself gravitating towards specific colours for your design scheme. Whichever colour you decide on, you are sure to be surprised by how a simple lick of paint can completely transform your outside space.

Check out these colour schemes for a little outdoor paint inspiration:

Create a Moon Garden with White Paint

White may not be the first colour that springs to mind when revamping your garden, but trust us, the effect is simply stunning. The purity of the white contrasting with the green of your garden plants work beautifully together to create a serene space. This is a garden which can be enjoyed whatever time of day, and as the sun goes down and the moon rises, its light will enchantingly illuminate your white surfaces.

Explore Black Outdoor Paint


Ronseal Garden Paint in Daisy or White Ash are ideal outdoor paint choices to create your moon garden look.

Create a Tropical Garden with Black Paint

Bring a holiday vibe to your garden and create a tropical look to enjoy without even needing to leave your home. Using black paint on your garden wood will completely transform it, whether you decide to paint the shed, the fences, or both this will be a makeover that creates a real impact. Complete your look with large leaf green plants for a truly tropical style. Add a warmer tone to the mix with terracotta plant pots to add some extra interest to the colour scheme. This is the perfect theme for those lazy summer evenings in the garden with friends.

The tropical garden look can be achieved using Cuprinol 5 Year Ducksback in Black or Ronseal Garden Paint in Black Bird.

Contemporary Garden with Cream Paint

If you like your garden to be a serene space, calming space, the contemporary garden in cream look is definitely for you. The muted colours provide a tranquil space, that’s perfect for relaxing in. The fresh, clean aesthetic of the cream is the ideal match for an orderly garden with clean lines and carefully planned planting.

This stylish outdoor space can be created using a wide choice of shades, depending on how subtle you would like the cream colour to be. At the lighter end of the colour spectrum is Cuprinol Garden Shades in Pale Jasmine. However, if you prefer a slightly darker shade, you could opt for Ronseal Garden Paint in Elderflower.

Explore Grey Outdoor Paint


Rustic Garden with Grey Paint

Looking for more of a secret garden or cottage garden look for your outside space? If so, the rustic garden style is an ideal choice. Using grey paint will create the perfect backdrop for your garden, and will complement the natural beauty of your plants and flowers perfectly. Grey is such a timeless colour, and so versatile that it goes with practically everything so you won’t struggle when it comes to finding accessories to complete your new look garden.

To achieve that truly rustic finish think potting shed style and add a variety of textures to your outside space, such as wicker baskets, as well as different sizes, and shapes of stone plant pots. The real beauty of the rustic look is that things don’t need to be perfect; this is a look that is close to nature, and about texture and natural beauty. Planting sweet peas and lavender are excellent choices for a rustic garden, and their colours will look beautiful against grey fencing and sheds.

To recreate this look, you will need to decide on your perfect shade of grey. Ronseal Garden Paint in Charcoal Grey is ideal if you are looking for a tone at the darker end of the grey spectrum. For a lighter shade of grey, try Ronseal’s Slate or Pebble garden paints.