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Bradstone Edging

Our bradstone edging helps to keep your garden neat and stylish. If you're looking to give your flower beds structure and find that perfect finishing touch for your garden paths, look no further than our bradstone garden edging.

Bradstone edging comes in a variety of stone types and finnishes. This means you can match your bradstone edging to your paving stones or create a fun contrast border. Whether you are planning a completely new garden or are looking to add a finishing touch to your garden design, bradstone paving edging will work perfectly.

How to use Bradstone Edging to style your garden

Use bradstone paving edging to create a neat border between your lawn and your flower beds or use bradstone garden edging to frame the paving of your patio area. Scalloped bradstone edging in red or yellow stone gives your garden a warm mediterranean feeling and can make a linear garden design more playful. Use bradstone edging on your allotment to separate your paths from your veg beds or keep your fruit bushes neatly separated from your peas. Bradstone edging helps you organise the layout of your garden or allotment.

Framing your garden paths with Bradstone Paving Edging

When you have chosen that perfect paving for your drive and garden you want to make sure you're showing it off in the best light. Using bradstone garden edging can set off your paving stones of your driveway perfectly for that fantastic first impression. Our bradstone paving edging with a round top design gives your garden paths a neat finish and blends seamlessly with nature.

Please contact our customer services team if you have any questions about choosing the right bradstone garden edging or its installation. Our team will help you choose the perfect type of bradford edging for your next project.

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