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Explore our range of Paving Slabs and Patio Slabs from brands including Marshalls & Bradstone

Explore our range of Paving Slabs from well known top high quality UK brands including Marshalls and Bradstone.  We have Paving Slabs to suit every budget. 

Our Paving Slabs have been designed to create a durable, long-lasting and attractive patio, pathway or driveway. Whether you’re laying Paving Slabs to improve an outdoor area or you’re simply introducing a new path or patio, we offer Patio Slabs to suit your needs.

Which Paving Slabs do we Offer?

Our range of Paving Slabs are affordable, high quality and require little to no maintenance. They are virtually weatherproof making them a popular choice for your driveways, front and back gardens.

You have the option of Paving Slabs which allow you to create a patio unique to you whilst providing a professional looking finish to your garden. Texture may be an important element when choosing and to help you will find our grey paving slabs, brown, mocha, natural, autumn green and silver grey.

Our Marshalls range have only paving slabs and garden slabs of the highest quality, finish and materials. Marshalls provide an extensive range of paving slabs and garden slabs. They are the UK's leading landscape manufacturer you can be sure their products are the very best.

Marshalls offer choices of natural stone and innovative concrete and so the choice is vast. A fantastic range if you are looking for traditional paving Slabs to turn your garden and driveway into a stunning area with period charm.

Our extensive range of paving slabs includes over 200 choices of paving slabs of different materials and colourings. We offer great value paving slabs from trusted brands such as Bradstone and Marshalls. So you can be sure you’re getting quality paving slabs at great value prices. But with such a wide choice of products, how can you be sure you get the paving slabs that are right for you.

What kind of paving slabs are right for you will depend on what kind of patio or paving area you are building or renovating.

  • Are your paving slabs for a decorative, paving feature in your garden?
  • Do you need paving slabs for a patio where your family and friends can socialise?
  • Are you making a utility paving area to support garden buildings and withstand heavy foot traffic?

Our guide to different paving slab features will help you choose the right paving slabs for your job.

Our Bradstone Range of Paving Slabs includes everything from sleek slate to textured limestone. If you are seeking a contemporary backdrop for architectural type planting then look no further than our collection here.

Bradstone Paving have been offering Paving Slabs since 1956. All of their products from Garden Slabs to walling are made to the highest standard. Our range of paving slabs from Bradstone includes over 100 products. Paving Slabs are at the heart of Bradstone's business.

Their range of paving slabs includes traditional designs. These include mellow colours which are intended to create a relaxing ambiance.

Some of Bradstones Paving Slabs are designed to look natural and rustic, giving an environmental feel to your garden or patio. In addition, you can also find very modern Paving Slabs.

These are finished to look clean and shiny to give a contemporary ambiance wherever they are installed. Paving Slabs are becoming a more popular choice in today's building strategies. Paving Slabs are also being chosen as a preferable go to over decking due to its versatile use. This change in the market has increased the production of Paving Slabs. Which naturally increases the quality of the products as well as well as providing many more designs and themes. More information on our Bradstone range is included below in our "choosing your paving slabs" section.

Choosing your Paving Slabs and Garden Slabs

Add a personal touch to your garden by choosing from our wide range of Paving Stones. We have Paving Stones in over 200 different designs, allowing your creativity to shine through and bring the outside of your home to life.

Whether you like your Paving Stones to be all the same colour or a mix of complementary shades, you are sure to find the perfect ones to suit your tastes. There is no limit to the ways you can arrange your Paving Stones, so let your imagination run free and create the gorgeous garden you’ve been dreaming of!

Our unique Paving Stones are available here courtesy of Bradstone and Marshalls. Two of the most respected names in the world of paving manufacture. All the important sizing information is included in the description boxes for the Paving Stones. Make sure you take a look at what you will get before buying.

Pack sizes can range widely – while some options can have 87 Paving Stones or more, others will have far fewer. It all depends on the size of the individual Paving Stones, since some are as small as 100mm2 in packs of 750, and some are just one large piece of paving. You can choose the sort of size to buy according to personal preference and the look you want to achieve.

A traditional grid pattern in Paving Stones looks as effective as ever. If you want something a bit different, why not try a circular arrangement? We sell ring circle kits in various shades that can become a lovely focal point in your garden and set it apart from the rest. These can be installed as a standalone feature or used in conjunction with any of the other Paving Stones we have in stock.

We have an extensive range of Paving Slabs in different colours and dimensions to help you build a patio unique to your individual garden. We offer paving slabs and garden slabs in a variety of widths and depths.

Our slimmer Paving Slabs are best suited to garden areas where there is little foot traffic and seated areas such as garden patios. Our thicker patio slabs and garden slabs are best suited for driveways as they are heavy duty accommodating for vehicles. Our patio, paving and garden slabs combine practicality and affordability. They are perfectly suitable for any area where you have a requirement for basic Patio Pavers.

If you are looking for Paving Slabs and garden slabs to help make your garden look and feel bigger, then our StoneMaster range is perfect. Bradstone's stonemaster Paving Slabs offer a contemporary twist to s standard paving slab.

These Paving Slabs are perfect for completing a modernistic style house. They also add a practical addition of paving slabs. These paving slabs bring an environmental look to your garden, whilst still offering a high-standard paving slab.

If you are worried about weather damage then our Madera range is brilliant. As an alternative to traditional wooden decking these clever porcelain Paving Slabs look like wood. They have all the durability benefits of modern porcelain. They are strong, durable and highly resistant to staining and are unaffected by weather conditions and colour fading. This range is available in Birch and Oak shades. 

If you are seeking an attractive focal point for your garden then view our range of Ring Circles Paving Slabs. These make a beautiful feature in any small or large garden.

Garden Slabs

When choosing Garden Slabs, it can be difficult to know what would suit your lawn and landscape design best. Therefore, we have included a selection of specific garden slabs to extend your choice further.

We have garden slabs in the form of project packs reclaimed from Yorkshire flagstone. These are pre-aged, smoother to look at resulting in a softer texture to touch. They have an authentic finish and will blend in well if your house style offers character or has a more contemporary and new look to it. We have garden slabs available in natural colours and a choice of beautiful coloured stone.

All our garden slabs are extremely hardwearing and weatherproof and easy to handle as they are available in different sizes. Many from our garden slabs range comes from a whole range. These include walling, setts, ornamental features and palisades. This allows for a continued and co-ordinated garden design project.

Laying Paving Slabs and Patio Slabs

When it comes to laying your Patio slabs and Paving Slabs, their arrangement and evenness is important. With your patios and pathways being a key feature to your front, back garden or driveway, you need to ensure they are level and neat.

You should start by clearing away grass and flattening the soil in the area where the Paving Slabs are going to go. After this, you should mark out the area with pegs and string. Use a paver sealant to keep your Patio and Paving Slabs and in top condition and resistant to dirt and oil and protected against any weather damage.

If you have any questions at all or need advice regarding our range of Paving Slabs then please feel free to give us a ring or join us on live chat.

You will find also most of our Paving Slabs have an extended range including Walling, Setts, Edging and steps in Sandstone. This will allow continuity within your beautiful space if you are wanting to extend your garden or driveway project.

Once you have chosen your products from our Paving Slabs selection. View our paving accessories and tools range including

  • Paver Sealer
  • Paver Cleaner
  • Paving Mortar
  • Mortar Mix

What Material do I Want for my Paving Slabs?

Natural stone paving slabs offer a great look. They are often preferred for decorative paving areas and patios that want to be both attractive and functional areas. There are a number of different options for natural stone paving slabs with different qualities. Granite paving slabs provide a great look, with natural variation in appearance between stones. They are also strong and durable so are suitable for areas that will be frequently used so need to be hardwearing.

Limestone paving slabs are ideal if you want a neat and tidy look to your patio or paved area. They combine a natural look with more consistency of colouring between individual stones. Sandstone paving slabs give your patio or paved area an attractive and desirable rustic look. Individual stones naturally vary in their colouring and in the veining within the stone.

Porcelain paving slabs are made from a combination of clay, sand, and other materials, fired at very high temperatures. As a result these paving slabs are durable, very hard wearing, and resistant to scratches. They are also resistant to water as they are non-porous so they require little maintenance.

Porcelain paving slabs can also provide great looks. They're able to recreate a range of modern or natural effects, including replicating the appearance of wood or natural stone. So porcelain paving slabs are popular for paving areas that you want to both enjoy for socialising and look attractive in your garden.

Concrete paving slabs can be the right choice for non-decorative, utility areas. Your paving must be functional and hard wearing rather than stylish and attractive. These paving slabs are mould-made to recreate the look and feel of stone but in a uniform and budget-friendly paving slab. So they are ideal where you want a durable low cost area of paving for hard-standing. Maybe to support garden buildings such as garden sheds, greenhouses, kennels and animal hutches, and so on.

What Profile Paving Slabs Should I Choose?

Our range of paving slabs offers not only a choice of materials and colours but also a choice of profile for your paving slabs. The profile or finish of your paving slabs determines what the outline and surface of the paving slabs is like.

Paving slabs with a smooth profile will be completely flat and level. This is popular where you want your paving slabs to be even for a uniform, tidy style.

If you want your paving slabs to have a rustic look you might prefer paving slabs with a riven profile. Paving slabs with a riven profile are rugged and irregular so help give your paving area a natural, weathered look.

Textured paving slabs have a stippled or blasted appearance that is quite uniform. The textured surface means that the paving slabs provide greater resistance to slipping when they are wet. They are ideal for areas that you need to be safe for walking on.

Our range of paving slabs offers great value options of different materials. So you are sure to find the right paving slabs for you whatever kind of paving area you are building.

Can I Lay Paving Stones On Top of Grass?

Yes, you can lay paving stones on top of grass if they are used as stepping stones only. They encourage traffic to use instead of walking on grass or steer visitors in particular direction to view the garden. Not advised for large patio areas however as the paving stones would move with time and weather conditions in larger areas.

Guidance on ordering your Paving Slabs

If you need any additional help with your Paving Slab or Patio Slab order our team are on hand to guide you with your paving slab order.

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