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Bradstone Patio Paving Slabs

Bradstone paving is a well-established supplier of natural and manufactured block paving, with their high-quality products and a variety of block paving available it is easy to see why Bradstone are so popular.

Choosing the Right Bradstone Paving for You

Bradstone block paving comes in a variety of different materials, colours, and sizes so before you choose your product you may want to consider the following;

  • Where it will go
  • The size of the area you wish to pave 
  • Its function.
Once you have all of this information it will give a clearer idea of the style, colour and surface type you require from your Bradstone block paving.
There are the two types of Bradstone paving block;
  • The smoother surface of the Bradstone paving made from materials such as sandstone and granite. This type is ideal for an area where you are going to be putting furniture such as a dining area. It will prevent wobbling tables and chairs
  •  The second type of Bradstone paving gives a more weathered look, such as the Old Town Paving Slabs.
When looking at colours you will notice that Bradstone natural stone is more unique and each piece will have different variations of colour and texture giving a much more natural and individual finish. On the other hand, some of the manufactured Bradstone paving is more uniform in colour and texture giving a clean, standard finish.

Our Bradstone Patio Paving

We supply a large number of Bradstone paving products on our website. Both natural and manufactured paving blocks are available in a variety of sizes and colours, from Sandstone to the Grey Block Paving, to suit your needs. We really have something for everyone.

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