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We often find ourselves within an on-off relationship with our radiators. There to comfort us in the coldest of winter evenings we are quick to forget our trusted and reliable commodity when spring starts to show, resulting in us begrudging the inevitable wall and floor space that radiators take up and what can often be an eye-sore in what would be otherwise a wonderful décor.

Radiators are no longer just heating commodities. A radiator is now a design element to help showcase you room and style theme. Thanks to manufacturers producing new, innovative and stunningly designed radiators, just being a necessity is not an excuse anymore. Our essential heating appliance can now be a stunning focal point worthy of its place in any room and be a showstopper in our room’s interior design.

Over the last 12 months radiators have really come into their own by offering an extensive catalogue of styles, finishes, sizes, colours and shapes. There is a radiator for every taste and every theme of room. We include a fantastic range of both vertical and horizontal radiators from leading UK innovative manufacturers including Hudson Reed and Reina Neva.

You will find here at Building Supplies Online an endless range of beautifully designed radiators featuring flat panelled fronts, slimline options, single or double panelling and period looking column radiators and all at competitive prices so upgrading an existing or implementing a new radiator couldn’t be easier.

Vertical Radiators

Both vertical and horizontal radiators have the same heat efficiency outcome. So, choosing between the two will be based on the design of your chosen room and personal preference. It is important to identify the required size dimensions you require of your radiator to be sure it meets the heating needs of your chosen room. Too small a radiator will mean your room will not feel as warm as it should do. Adding a vertical radiator will instantaneously add a luxurious touch to your room as well as being super contemporary and stylish.

Vertical radiators take up less wall and floor area creating the illusion of space if your room is a little on the small side. These are perfect for staircases if you have a particularly chilly landing or hallway and if pipework allows or if you have a small unused wall which ordinarily wouldn’t be used for anything due to its narrow width.

If you are installing a radiator for the first time in a new position, then you will need to hire a professional due the implementation of the required heating pipework.

Oozing style and extremely current with their superior height and modernity, vertical radiators are fast becoming the new favourite. Once you have viewed our full range of vertical radiators, you will be able to understand why.

Vertical radiators are a great solution for bathrooms, cloakrooms and en-suites as these rooms often are limited on space. If you want to introduce further light to your room why not opt for a radiator which incorporates a central full-length mirrored panel which is ideal for its practicality, adding the illusion of space whilst reflecting natural light giving an increased sense of light flowing in the room.

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Horizontal Radiators

If you are looking for minimal fuss and expense, then you may be seeking to simply upgrade the look of your old radiator with a newer and more contemporary model. If you replace the radiator with one of the same dimensions, then this will eliminate the need to redecorate and touch ups where the previous radiator has been and will not require any alterations to the existing pipework.

If you are changing radiators yourself, just do a little research first to ensure you are comfortable doing so but there are plenty of ‘How to Guides’ on channels such as YouTube demonstrating how to remove a radiator and/or install a new one.

For a ‘period’ style radiator with a twist of contemporary design, our beautiful Supplies 4 Heat Cornel Column Horizontal Radiator offers the best in Italian design and engineering whilst mixing both period and new generational charm together. You will want to show this choice of radiator off, making it a focal point in your room and a design choice as opposed to a necessity.

Designer Radiators

For that ultra-finesse and state-of-the-art appeal look no further than our range of designer radiators. Slim, sleek and very different from all others these are the radiators of the future. Our Reina Slimline vertical Designer Radiator is just that and is available in white, anthracite and silver, finished with a chrome towel rail so it is ideal for a modern bathroom, cloakroom or en-suite. Or if you are seeking something equally trend-setting but even more practical our Reina Flore Designer Vertical Radiator can keep even more of your fluffy towels nice and warm.

Heating Panels are also perfect for those seeking a super minimalistic finish including our Hudson Reed Infrared Heating Panel. These have the added benefit of being super easy to install with a ‘plug in and go’ installation system.

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Other Radiator Looks

If you want a radiator of which will simply blend into the background to maintain a neutral ‘Barely There’ look along your wall, the look is very easy to achieve. Just opt for a radiator with a flat panel frontage, has soft rounded corners and choose a colour of which matches your wall of which it will be mounted on to achieve calm but gorgeous understated effect.

However, if you are eager to jump on the trend for bright and bold coloured radiators for an added ‘colour pop’, then we have some fantastic options to choose from. For many now, the radiator is an opportunity to add colour and vibrancy. Many are moving away from the traditional white and cream conventional looking radiators and moving to designer ranges to add that ‘wow’ look to their walls.

Urban and contemporary rooms look great with a light or dark grey radiator or if you are looking for something to meet a room with a monochrome colour palette then take a look at our range of stunning black designer radiators for further inspiration.

For those of you wanting to supplement your traditional style room further then we have a great range of radiators which will do just that. This range of exquisite radiators have been produced with elements of Edwardian and Victorian properties in the overall design. Despite the period and rustic charm of these, they are extremely fashionable and work equally well in a room with modern elements such as Metro tiles to create a much sought-after urban look.

If you have any questions at all or require further advice regarding any of the radiators from our range, please join the team on live-chat where they will be happy to assist.

To help you with the removal of your old radiator in preparation of your new radiator’s installation install, please read our ‘How to Bleed A Radiator’ Guide which includes step by step clear instructions on how to complete this essential task with minimum fuss and mess.