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Flat Roof Materials

When constructing a new build or refurbishing an existing one, you might come across many different Flat Roof Materials as options for your roof. A flat roof structure is a roof that is completely levelled with a slight fall to ensure that rainwater can run off to a side.

Types of Flat Roof Materials

Flat Roof Materials UK are increasingly popular flat roof options as it is not only cost effective and easy to maintain but also provides an opportunity to install rooftop gardens, solar panels, and rooftop air conditioning units.

There are many different types of Flat Roof Materials available to choose from that would best suit your property. There is the Structural Deck, which is a basic but strong construction made from plywood or timber that forms the roof.

Then there is the waterproof membrane such as:

  • Traditional reinforced bitumen membrane (RBM)
  • Felt bonded with asphalt
  • EPDM roofing which is a new alternative to RBM roofs that are harder wearing and provide a smoother finish
  • Single Ply PVC membranes
  • Tiles for residential Flat Roof Materials

For more commercial options, you would find Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) which is a very strong material, Lead which is flexible and hardy, or Green Roof Systems which is a garden in the sky.

Making a Choice

When choosing your Flat Roof Materials, your main goals are to make sure that the roof is water resistant, impenetrable to external forces, balance out excess humidity, and provides a long lifespan.

Keeping this in mind, you need to think about the pros and cons of each of the Flat Roof Coverings we offer and decide which Flat Roof Materials is best suited for your needs.

Flat Roof Materials have improved considerably since they were first introduced and are becoming an increasingly popular roofing system.

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