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We know the importance of a reliable finish when completing your roof lead flashing projects so our full range of roof sealants, gap seals and patination oils will give you everything you need to get the job done.

What is Lead Roof Sealant?

The application of roof sealant is crucial when carrying out pointing joints between lead, brickwork and other masonry. Our range of roof sealant from Ubiflex, Calder, and Bond-It are specifically formulated for use with lead sheet and lead flashing. All our roof sealant options are comprehensively durable and flexible under all conditions. Roof sealant is an effective and reliable solution to using wet mortar, which historically doesn’t perform well when exposed to fluctuations in temperature.

Roof sealant is utilised for bonding and sealing lead flashing to most construction materials like natural stone, ceramics, concrete as well as glass, pu, upvc, hard plastics, enamel, metals and wood. Roof sealant can be used for sealing and bonding lead flashing in cold applications. The hybrid technology effectively and securely cures the roof sealant under the influence of humidity and moisture to form a durable elastic bond.

High Tack Roof Sealant

Additionally, we have available a high tack sealant from Ubiflex which is a specially formulated adhesive for overlaps and fixing to roofing tiles & slates. Patination oil is also a vital requirement when finishing off your roofing projects. In damp or wet weather conditions, new lead flashing can occasionally develop an unsightly, powdery white coating of carbonate.

The carbonate can be dispersed by rainfall from the lead flashing and in the process cause staining on the bricks and materials below. To remedy this, our patination oil from Calder and Lead Mate can be applied to lead flashing to prevent this from occurring. The oil minimises unwelcome the staining and leaves a pleasing finish to freshly applied lead sheet and lead flashing. To prevent leakage at joints or to substitute for molten lead in fixing ironwork into concrete, lead wool is required.

Calder lead wool has been developed using their own unique process, the high-quality wool is constructed from thin strands of lead and is needed as caulking to seal joints between lead and steel fittings. Browse through our comprehensive options of roof sealant and roof flashing treatments today to achieve that perfect finish for your roof.

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