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GRP is a material which is used for building supplies due to it being lightweight and cost-effective. The further benefits along with this are that it is durable and hard wearing, being resistant to corrosion and extreme temperatures and weather conditions. GRP is flexible and easy to mould into different shapes making it ideal for different types of roofing. GRP also eliminates to need for use of concrete or mortar on your roof. The GRP valley surface is smooth making it hard for moss and lichen to grow and debris will not build up causing blockages and leaks so you will not have to be up cleaning your roof regularly. GRP is also less vulnerable to theft than lead as it has no market value. Many of our products for roofing repairs are made with GRP.


A soaker is installed into your roofing, it is used with flashing to seal the junction between the wall and the roof covering making your roof weatherproof and helping with insulation in your home. The GRP valley soaker can then be used to direct the water away from what is usually a problem joint area. The GRP valley soaker material is perfect for this difficult area as no moss can grow on it and debris will not get stuck in this area allowing for free flow of rainwater and less maintenance for you.

Our soaker products

We have a number of GRP valley soaker products made by Hambleside Danelaw. The soakers are easy and quick to install to the area making it waterproof, insulated and acid resistant. There are left handed and right handed products and universal ones and they all have different tile materials that they work with from slate to clay or concrete. We have the sizes and specifications on our website or you can contact our team for further assistance.

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