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GRP Eaves Strip / GRP Bonding Strip

The eaves are the edges of the roof which overhang the face of the wall, they are particularly important as due to the overhang from the eaves the water is thrown clear of the walls instead of running down them thus protecting them from the weather.  Due to the importance of the eaves on any building when looking at replacing or updating this area you must make sure the products are of a high quality to continue to protect the building. 


GRP is a material which is used for building supplies due to being lightweight and cost-effective. However, along with this, it is durable and hard wearing being resistant to corrosion and extreme temperatures and weather conditions.  GRP Strips are flexible and easy to mould into different shapes making them ideal for eaves on different types of roofing. Many of our products for roofing repairs are made with GRP strips.

Our products  

We have a number of products to help update and repair your eaves made by Hambleside Danelaw and Harcon with high quality, cost-effective GRP Strips to make weather tight products to help protect your building.  The products are lightweight and easy to install compared to the lead alternatives and have a long guarantee with them. We have GRP strips for bonding or joining guttersto provide waterproof seals between adjacent roofs or an existing and new roof.  The GRP strips provide you with easy installation to existing roofs with little disturbance to the tiles.  These come produced by both come in a range of sizes to suit any roof requirements.  We also have GRP eavescourse to give fast installation of the first support eaves on the course so that cutting of slate is no longer required.  All our products have comprehensive descriptions to make sure that you get the perfect product to complete your job.

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