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A roof valley is created when two roof slopes meet and at this point, the water volume can cause leakage.

What are Plastic Roof Valley Boards?

Plastic roof valley boards were made as a dry fix solution to the common use of cement mortar which has problems associated to it such as the growth of moss and the build-up of debris in the roof valley. The roof boards are fitted underneath the tiles covering the gap in the roof valley to allow for smooth flow of water from the roof and due to the materials used are less likely to allow the growth of moss or collection of debris in the roof valley. Due to their design, this means you will spend less time on your roof cleaning and unblocking this common problem area.

Choosing your GRP Valley Troughs

We have a number of options on our website for you to choose between when looking at repairing or updating the roof valley area. There are different shapes based on the size of the roof valley and the tiles that have been used on your roof. You must make sure you have the correct shape for your roof for the maximum seal. They are quick and easy to install and are less prone to theft due to the way they are fitted.

The Corodrain range has smooth surfaces to inhibit the growth of moss and to reduce the build-up of debris from your roof. Due to the materials the Corodrain range use they are also UV light and acid rain resistant and have a similar appearance to lead. There are two options for your Corodrain product and they come as standard and heavy duty types. Danelaw GRP valley troughs and boards are designed to be lightweight and cost-effective compared to lead. The benefits of the GRP Valley products are that they are cheaper and quicker to fit than traditional lead products. The GRP valley products have a long time guarantee and do not streak or stain so they will always look new. Our website shows instructions on fitting your valley boards.

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