Shed Designs

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A shed is an essential addition to any garden. Versatile, attractive and highly functional a shed is a must for a garden of any size.

There are many uses for a shed, the most common function being for the purpose of storage. Garden items such as lawn mowers, planting containers and garden furniture require dry, secure storage.

However, due to the growing popularity of sheds and the many shed designs now available, a shed can become an office, studio, summerhouse, bar or a child’s playhouse. Sheds can be small or large in size and can come complete from a shop with professional assembly or built from scratch.

Many people choose to place their sheds at the bottom of the garden in order to ensure that garden space is optimised and the shed does not block off any aspects of the garden.

Whatever your reason for purchasing a shed, below is a handy guide offering a brief summary of some of the wide variety of shed designs available.

The Simple Wooden Shed

The most popular of all shed designs is the straightforward wooden shed. Available in a range of sizes from very large for storing vehicles to smaller space saving sheds for the children’s toys. Made from wood, they retain heat and are simple to build. Wooden sheds can be painted any colour you desire and can have features added to make them more attractive such as flowers growing up the side or adding curtains to the windows.

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Metal sheds are an easy to install shed design and come in a wide range of colours. Often lower in cost than a wooden one and requiring less maintenance, a metal shed with a sliding door can be an excellent alternative offering plenty of storage space.


Plastic sheds are becoming more and more popular. Requiring no maintenance and available in attractive colours, this cheaper alternative is the ideal shed for those on a low budget, requiring storage for their garden items.

Outdoor Store

Smaller in both height, length and width than a standard shed, an outdoor store is a cheaper alternative if you do not require the space of a whole shed or have much free garden space.

Bike Shed

Smaller and perfect if you only require a small amount of storage and wish to fit your family’s bikes/garden toys in.

Office Space

Larger in size than a standard shed and the perfect commute to work. Stylish and modern looking, a shed can work very well as office space for those who work from home. This type of shed will require more additions than a standard shed such as electricity and some form of heat as well as extra security to protect your personal items. Long windows are a good idea to maximise light and adequate ventilation is a must.

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Art studio

A place to get messy and express yourself and where paintings and creations can be left out to dry/set without getting in the way of day to day life within the house. Items can be left and returned to without the need to put away at the end of each day. Art studios can be plain and simple spaces or can be made quirky and unique depending on the look and feel you are after.


Perfect for long lazy days in the sun with comfy furniture and a shaded spot to relax and enjoy the garden. You could even add a veranda to the front for extra space. Doubles up as extra storage when not used in the winter months.

Children’s Playhouse

Sheds make the perfect playhouses for children. With a simple shell of a shed, you can be as imaginative as you like! From a dramatic and over the top playhouse with everything a child could hope for, to a more simplistic and functional Wendy house with little windows and curtains, complete with a stable door.

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A bar at the bottom of your garden- how idea! From cold beers to delicious cocktails, you would be the best party hosts around with your own built in bar. A shed can easily be converted into a bar by using some clever techniques. You can also run electricity down to the shed to ensure you have nice cold drinks readily available.

Before you buy

When you have settled upon which shed design is best for your requirements and garden, there are a few final considerations.

  • Budget - Does your budget match the expectations of your desired shed design? Could you make changes or build it yourself to save money. 
  • Space - Make sure you have correctly measured the footings for the shed to ensure it fits and doesn’t take up too much valuable garden space. 
  • Planning permission - not usually required but it is always worth checking with your local council just in case. 
  • Neighbours - be considerate, let your neighbours know what you are planning and check they don’t have any valid objections. It is far better to work out how to resolve any issues before purchasing a shed, than it is to move an existing one.