Social Garden Design Ideas

The garden can be a wonderful extension to your living space. When you think about the living spaces inside the house, you think of themes, how cosy it is, the lighting, the amount of air flow etc. Anything that affects your comfort is thought of and addressed.

Posted on 14th May 2019, 4 minute read

When many people think of gardens or courtyards, they think of it as a space for your trees, plants, a storage space, and a few pieces of garden furniture. Creating an outdoor space that is both a space for your plants and for you requires some thought.

Some gardens are large and sprawling while others are more compact. But all gardens are the perfect place to catch up with friends and family on sunny days. Consider the unique characteristics of your garden and maximise the space.

If you design your garden, courtyard, decking, or patio area carefully, you can create an outdoor sanctuary that is a beautiful, extra space for your home all year round.

Important Considerations for your Garden

1. Shade 

Shade is an important factor in a garden. Whether there is bright sunshine, a spot of rain, or weather conditions in between - shade is always something we seek out.

Adding a garden feature such as an arbour, gazebo, shade sail or pergola will allow you to extend your outdoor social moments beyond the confines of cloudy, but warm and dry days. Garden structures can also add value to your home.

If you are looking for something less permanent, you can also choose an oversized beach umbrella. Sometimes, you might have large, overhanging trees that would create the perfect canopy as well.

2. Seating

Seating choices for the garden should be just as important as those inside your home. We spend a lot of time thinking about the perfect piece of interior furniture. But many people don’t spend as much time or money considering the seating options in your garden, even though it can give increase your living space and give you more time outdoors.

Before purchasing outdoor furniture: consider its appearance, your lifestyle, the practicality of the piece, and its longevity in the garden. If you are someone who loves to entertain and provide sumptuous meals and soirees for many guests or prefer a quiet catch up over a cup of tea – the style and design of your seating will be different.

You also need to consider the area you have. If it is larger, you might want to invest in different nooks and corners of seating spaces. If it is a courtyard, you might have a central seating area that everyone gathers around. Choosing the right furniture for your outdoor space can create the perfect oasis that allows you to enjoy your garden more.

3. Features

In your garden, features are a great way to create a focal point or the perfect theme for your garden space. Indoors this might be a large painting, a themed wall, or a feature window.

Outdoors, in your garden, this can be some striking wall plants, planter beds, an arch or arbour, some colourful furniture accents, or an eye-catching water feature. You want to create some stand out spots that add to the overall appearance of your outdoor space.

4. Ambience

The overall ambience of your garden should be welcoming. Using the right combination of shady spots, cosy seating, and dining options, plants, and other features will create the perfect outdoor oasis that you can enjoy.

From laying down the initial bits of grass, patio gravel, or decking to planting those first few flowers, to choosing the final pieces of furniture, or lighting options in your garden requires a bit of thought.

Our Outdoor and Garden Range

Our aim is to make this process as easy as possible for you with our helpful suggestions. We want to provide a range of garden and outdoor items to suit a variety of different needs and budgets.

Our range has solutions for every sized outdoor space, whether you have a large sprawling garden, a manicured lawn, or if it is a smaller more contemporary courtyard or roof garden.

We have everything you need for extra seating, outdoor dining options, feature items, fencing, planting, lighting, secluded and shaded spaces or garden storage.

All our outdoor items are environmentally suitable and will last you a long time. We also offer a range of low maintenance and budget-friendly solutions.

So, whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or someone who is just getting their first taste of the extra room in your garden’s social space, we have solutions for you. A social garden space needs time and thought, you need to think about the theme, plan it out, and consider the overall appearance you are looking for.

A well thought out outdoor landscape can provide you with many benefits, including adding value to your home.