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Most of us are aware that by insulating our homes, it will be kept warmer in winter and cooler in summer. However, did you know that installing adequate insulation will also minimise the amount of energy consumed by heating our homes? This, in turn, reduces how much CO2 is emitted whilst reducing pollution levels and making our homes more energy-efficient in the long run. We are going to explore how the products from SuperFOIL can help with this process.

Posted on 11th July 2019, 4 minute read

SuperFOIL SF60 FR 1.5m x 8m Fire Rated Multifoil Insulation


Who Are SuperFOIL?

SuperFOIL is a leading UK manufacturer of foil insulation. They also have a strong focus on the environment as part of their product design. Their innovative range of insulation products will aid in reducing energy consumption in your home.

SuperFOIL uses an amalgamation of reflective foil and thermo foam in layers. As part of this layering design, they also use recycled and sustainable materials. This means that they are reducing waste whilst at the same time also being environmentally friendly.

Types Of Insulation For Your Home

Within their extensive range, that is suitable for all types of homes, you will find that there are insulation products for your roof, walls and even your floors.

SuperFOIL’s Multi Foil insulation is the perfect all-around insulating material. It is suitable for use on your walls, roof and for under your flooring. It is suitable for use on a new build property; if you are refitting a roof with new insulation and for flat roof insulation.

You will find that Multi Foil is not as thick as traditional insulating material but this is a sign of the innovation behind the product. It is very energy-efficient and it also has a vapour control layer which prevents rising moisture penetrating the cavity wall. A perfect example of this quality insulation is with the SuperFOIL SF19 Multi-layer Foil Insulation 1.5m x 10m Roll (15m2).

SuperFOIL SFBB Reflective Breather Membrane Roofing Felt - 25m x 1.5m


SuperFOIL’s Breathable Insulation is another inspired product to insulate your home. It is important that your home is able to breathe. It is important for air and moisture to escape to the outside of the home.

You will find that this type of insulation has a breathable membrane. This membrane ensures that condensation will be reduced in your home. This also ensures that damp conditions are eradicated which also reduces the possibility of mould. The SuperFOIL SF40BB Multifoil Breathable Insulation – 1.5m x 10m will be an ideal option and is suitable for your roof, walls and under flooring.

SuperFOIL’s Fire Rated Insulation will help prevent and cut fire growth and spread. It has all the energy-efficient benefits of the other products in their range but will give added peace of mind with the knowledge that it is resistant to fire. It even comes with a Class One Surface Spread of Flame Certification.

You will find that this product is suitable for insulating under floors, your roof, and walls. The SuperFOIL SF60 FR 1.5m x 8m Fire Rated Multifoil Insulation will be a perfect and reassuring addition to your home.

SuperFOIL also has a range of products available that will help conserve even more energy in your home. With their products, you can insulate radiators, pipes, and boilers.

Benefits Of Insulating Your Home

Insulating your home is the ideal way to create an energy-efficient property. It is widely known that most of the heat in our home is lost via the walls and the roof. If these parts of the building are adequately insulated, this heat will be retained in the home, which will cut heating costs and our energy consumption.

SuperFOIL SF19BB-15 Breathable Thermal Insulation 1.5m x 10m Roll - 15m2


Insulating your home is also a perfect way to reduce noise pollution. Using the correct insulation products in your home will make sure that outside noise is reduced in the home. It will also help reduce noise between rooms and floors of the building.

Insulating your home will improve how air-tight your property actually is. This reduces heat from escaping and cold air from penetrating. You will find that it helps keep an even and comfortable temperature in the home.

If you are looking to sell your home in the future, insulation is definitely a good investment to make. It will improve the energy performance rating of your home which is very attractive to prospective buyers.

Our SuperFOIL range of products will help with the conservation of energy in your home. SuperFOIL is focused on being environmentally friendly by using recycled and sustainable materials to produce their insulation products. Their products are also very innovative in their design.

SuperFOIL is a market leader in producing insulation that is of the highest quality whilst also being competitively priced. Their products are easy to install and will also stand up to the test of time. Insulating your home is an investment. It is an investment that will improve the quality of your home while also increasing its energy-efficiency and helping the environment at the same time.