Ted Baker Tile Alternatives

Ted Baker TacTile Grey Tiles
Ted Baker TacTile Grey Tiles

Finding alternatives to Ted Baker tiles is not as hard as it may seem. We have created a small guide to help you find a tile that will provide the same style and elegance.

We have a wide selection of Ted Baker Tile alternatives that will add character and a unique design to your living room, kitchen or bathroom. Whether you are looking for a more traditional, rustic style or a modern, contemporary look, we are on hand to provide you with with the best substitutes for these popular tiles.

Although much loved, replacing the iconic Ted Baker Tiles may not be as difficult as you think! Compare the Ted Baker TacTile Grey tile and the RAK Metropole Light Grey tile. Both tiles are similar in style. The RAK tile has a matt finish, just like the Ted Baker tile, and a striking, textured surface that can help you achieve a similar effect. These tiles both feature netural colors but with a style that draws the eye.

To pair with the RAK Metropole you might consider the Verona Cemento Matt Light Grey or the Veronal Valley Matt Grey porcelain wall and floor tiles. These could also be a great, less textured alternative for the Ted Baker bathroom tiles. They are characterised by a Matt finish and the neutral grey tones mean that these tiles can be paired with other neutral colours or even some pattern if you wish for a room to have a unique touch.

Why not try Laminate Flooring?

However, tiles are not the only type of flooring that could be used. They are without doubt a fantastic, effortless way of re-inventing a room but options such as Vinyl and Laminate Flooring could be just as influential.

Laminate flooring is a waterproof surface which is perfect for kitchens or bathrooms. It is also very easy to clean making the maintenance level low. Along with this, it is a hardwearing alternative to tiles; it will neither crack nor chip with heavy footfall. Evidently it is built to be practical and durable which is why it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Tile effect laminate flooring is becoming ever more popular due to its low cost and uncommon designs. With their subtle patterns and pale colours, the Laminate Flooring resembles the Ted Baker Partridge Tiles well. The colouring gives an airy and light feel to the room with a touch of individuality; a classic feel with a modern touch.