The Benefits of Having a Timber Greenhouse

For the keen gardener, a greenhouse in the garden or allotment is something of a must-have.

Posted on 1st July, 4 minute read

Forest Glasshouse - 9.2ft x 8.8ft


Whether you are growing flowers and herbs or vegetables, a greenhouse will provide a suitable growing environment, giving you the best chance of success at growing healthy produce and keep the frost at bay during the winter months so that even the most vulnerable of plants can thrive.

The enclosed indoor space of greenhouse creates a temperature-controlled warm and humid environment away from the elements, maintaining these at optimum levels will ensure your greenhouse is an all-season growing environment, whatever the weather. Protecting crops from excess cold or heat, not to mention plant-eating bugs, a greenhouse is a space for those with green fingers to really work their magic so that the garden can be full of seasonal flowering plants all year round and those tempted to grow their own vegetables can really enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Plastic, metal or timber?

If you are researching which greenhouse to buy, the options available will be a timber frame, plastic or metal. All of these will have their benefits of course, and they all do the same job in terms of protecting plants and produce from the weather conditions in a temperature-controlled environment. Plastic and metal greenhouses are popular as they are low maintenance and are generally lower in price than timber, but for the gardening enthusiast, a timber greenhouse is often the best choice.

Forest Victorian Walk Around Greenhouse - 3.1ft x 7.5ft


While it can be tempting to be led by price if you are just starting out with gardening as a hobby and opt for a metal or plastic framed greenhouse to keep costs down, a timber greenhouse offers many advantages over the alternatives and may well prove to be a more cost-effective solution in the longer term. Ultimately, the greenhouse you choose for your garden or allotment will come down to personal taste and what you want the structure to look like, but there are a number of advantages of timber greenhouses that are worth bearing in mind. It is always worth considering all of your options. Other materials such as a n aluminium greenhouse might be worth your time. They are practical and tend to be cheaper as a first buy.

What are the benefits of a timber greenhouse?

The purpose of a greenhouse is to create a temperature-controlled environment that is suitable for growing plants, flowers, herbs and vegetables all year round which makes timber the ideal option as the material is a natural thermal insulator. With the wood absorbing the sun’s in the daytime and retaining them at night, a natural heating system is created, resulting in less energy being spent on heating the greenhouse year-round. Overall, this means that a timber greenhouse is likely to be the most thermally efficient choice as it is better at maintaining a constant temperature than either metal or plastic.

Make sure that the greenhouse is built with a suitable wood type though – ideally, it should be light but strong and naturally resistant to decay. Bear in mind also that rust-proof nails and screws should be used to install the greenhouse. A rusted and rotten screw will not hold for long and eventually, the framework will fall apart.

Forest Mini Greenhouse - 3.9ft x 4.7ft


In practical terms of storage requirements, a timber greenhouse certainly has its benefits. While larger items such as watering cans and compost can be stored on and underneath the workbenches, installing a few hooks to the inside of the wooden frame above the bench will make it possible to hang smaller items such as garden forks, trowels and clippers so that they are within easy reach yet the space is uncluttered, neat and tidy. Strong and sturdy in construction, a timber greenhouse is far from flimsy and will easily accommodate glass windows and any timber panels that may damage over time are easily and inexpensively replaced.

What style of timber greenhouse will you choose?

Practicalities to one side, choosing a timber greenhouse may well come down to aesthetics, as with its natural woodgrain, a timber greenhouse will blend seamlessly into your outdoor space, combine brilliantly with existing structures such as the garden shed and boundary fencing and overall have a very natural feel in keeping with its environment while being an attractive addition. Simply treat the wood to prevent wood rot from setting in which will preserve the longevity of the structure. Staining it in a colour of your choice will also create an attractive finish in keeping with the overall setting.

While plastic and metal greenhouses are relative newcomers to UK gardens, many homeowners opt for a timber greenhouse because of the traditional and natural look that they create. Ultimately, the versatile style of a timber greenhouse ensures it will look the part in any garden, from country cottage to urban sprawl. Remember a greenhouse does not have to serve as it's standard use. In fact a greenhouse store is another common use for a greenhouse. A greenhouse store is ideal as it is a large space in the garden which is sheltered but also they tend to be more appealing than standard garden storage units.

Our range of timber greenhouses offers something for every garden enthusiast from the Forest Mini Greenhouse for compact spaces, up to the generously proportioned Forest Glasshouse, ensuring that all your gardening needs are catered for.