Top Flooring Trends for 2019

In 2019 it seems that any flooring size, type, texture, colour or pattern is available to fit in any room of any house. But out of them all, what are the top picks for this year? It is now easier than ever to keep your room up-to-date with the freshest styles and have the perfect floor design you have always dreamed of. Whether you are completely designing a space from scratch, or just looking for a way to breathe new life into a room, there are plenty of trends this year that will grab your attention for all the right reasons.

Bathroom: The Natural Look

Now more than ever, the look of natural wood has been increasingly popular in modern bathroom designs. Against the ordinary, white gloss design, the wood effect tile is eye-catching and unexpected so absolutely perfect for making a big statement. Real natural wood however does not survive well in a working bathroom, so that is where the impressive printing technology of recent years comes into play. With incredibly realistic looking wood effects printed on high-quality ceramic and vinyl tiles, it is now possible to get your dream wood floored bathroom, without worry about it being ruined within the first week. An example of this top-grade standard comes in the form of the Walnut Wood Effect Tiles by Laura Ashley. With easy cleaning and excellent water resistance, the practicality matches the impeccable style of these tiles so its no stress to have the hottest bathroom flooring this year in your home.

Living Room: Tropical Woods

Running on from the hottest bathroom trend, the living room also has adopted natural wood flooring as a strong component. This time, however focusing on the darker warmer natural effect. Paired with simplistic furniture and more greenery than ever, a top style this year is that feeling of being somewhere warm and far away, whilst at home. Adopting some fun aspects from 70’s design sitting rooms but modernising them to create an oasis in the home that anyone would be happy to relax in. Fitting in with the natural appearance, also comes along with the environmental side which is a wonderful aspect many are now focused on this year. More environmentally friendly products are now being incorporated into living room designs and throughout the entire home and by using more natural materials it not only creates a stunning visual aesthetic but benefits the world we live in. To get the living room wood flooring that everyone is talking about in 2019, why not try our Krono Original Smokey Mountain Dark 10mm Laminate Flooring? Not only does this high-quality laminate provide a gorgeous foundation for your room but is also extremely durable and has impressive practical features. It offers stain, imprint and moisture resistance so you can relax in your high style living space with complete peace of mind.

Kitchen: Rustic Chic

Throughout 2018, the love of the classic farmhouse style kitchen grew increasingly in popularity and for good reason. Now in 2019, the modern chic twist on this traditional style is the kitchen top trend and we can see why. Longer, wider planks with a less perfect, polished finish is where many kitchen designers are now starting with their designs. The natural aged look is no longer a style to be shyed away from and the slightly worn aesthetic is the big thing currently. If you love the sound of the chic farmhouse look too, our Krono Original Antique Oak Laminate Flooring could be the perfect choice for you. With stain resistance from everything from oil to wine, this flooring is practical as well attractive. Its V-grooves create the exact look of genuine solid hardwood flooring, so you get the charm of a realistic looking feel with the durability of laminate flooring.

Make a Statement with Monochrome

The timeless feel of black and white flooring has always been a classic choice for many, and in 2019 the story is no different. More popular than ever it seems; monochrome laminate and tiles are yet again a strong contender in the top flooring styles of the year and it is no secret as to why that is. Whether you are looking to create a retro feel in the kitchen or completely transform your bathroom into a modern dream, there are endless amounts of ways to do so using the simple colours of black and white. The checkerboard design is one made for sending you back in time and paired with the right furnishings can revamp any space. If this is the feeling you have always wanted to capture, you should check out our stunning Studio Conran Trace Floor Tiles in Black and White Satin. Carefully crafted from high quality ceramic, it has never been easier to make your visions of a smooth monochrome foundation a reality. Alternately, another elegant design, loved by many this year is the monochrome marble effect flooring. Black or white marble in any room can add an instant touch of luxury and sophistication through the elegant subtly of the monochrome colours. If this modern marble look sounds like it is made for your home, check out our gorgeous Geneva HD Floor Tile range. With a realistic carrara marble effect and manufactured from top-grade ceramic, in 2019 it is low stress and low struggle to get the high-quality flooring everyone is talking about. For more information on monochrome flooring you can also check out our page, ‘Ways to Use Black & White Tiles’.

It can sometimes seem impossible to stay on top of the fast-moving trends of the home design world, but with our up-to-date tips and our numerous dazzling floor ranges, there is no better time than now to get the flooring you have always dreamed of.