Understanding Electric Showers

Your shower is probably not something that you have spent too much time thinking about, so when it comes to buying a new shower, it can be hard to decide which one you should go for.

Posted on 14th May 2019, 4 minute read

Bristan 9.5 kW Glee 3 Electric Shower


Choosing the right electric shower for your needs is essential. Although your shower may not be something you spend too much time thinking about, your shower is likely to be an item that receives a lot of use in your household, so you will want to choose one that best suits your needs.

There’s nothing better than an invigorating shower to get you wide awake and ready for the day, and a warm shower at the end of a long day to help you feel refreshed. Electric showers can really enhance your shower experience in lots of ways, here is a little information to help you find out more about electric showers and to decide on your next new shower.

How do Electric Showers Work?

Are you feeling baffled by the sheer amount of different types of shower that are available? Well, here we will explain exactly what an electric shower is and how it works.

Rather than running off of your bathroom’s hot water supply, an electric shower unit uses water from your cold water supply and then heats it up. An electric shower unit is mounted to your wall, and the shower hose runs from it. On the shower unit itself, you will see dials which are used to control both the water flow and the water temperature, so that you can adjust them to best suit your needs.

What are the Benefits of Electric Showers?

Electric showers offer many benefits, particularly if your home is fitted with a water tank rather than a combi boiler. If your home has a water tank, you may be familiar with cries of ‘who’s used up all the hot water?’ Using an electric shower means that hot water for your shower will not run out, as the shower unit heats up water from your home’s cold water supply, as opposed to being dependent on your hot water from your tank.

Bristan 8.5 kW Joy 3 Thermostatic Electric Shower


The fact that the electric shower heats the water itself makes it really convenient for the busy morning bathroom rush, where everyone is queueing for a shower.

Another benefit of electric showers is that if your boiler, unfortunately, breaks down, you won’t be left unable to have a shower as your electric shower should remain unaffected by the boiler breakdown.

Another benefit of electric showers is the fact that they can be positioned and installed more easily as they don’t need to be connected to the hot water supply. Installing an electric shower can solve the problem of low water pressure, enabling you to enjoy a blissful shower fully in control of both the temperature and flow of the water.

How to Choose an Electric Shower

There is a wide choice of electric showers available on the market, so you will have plenty of styles to choose from when shopping for your new shower. Our range features electric showers from leading manufacturers, including Mira and Grohe, so you can be sure that you are purchasing an electric shower of the highest quality.

Mira Sport Max 10.8kW Electric Shower


Whether you have a large budget or are trying to keep costs low, you will find attractive and high-quality electric showers within our product range at a choice of prices.

When shopping for your new electric shower, you may notice that they come in a range of specifications with differing wattage, for example, anywhere from 7.5kW through to 10.8kW.

The levels of wattage refer to the amount of water flow that the shower produces. The higher the wattage, the more powerful the shower is. When deciding which wattage is right for you, you will need to think about the water flow that you find most comfortable. Do you prefer an invigorating higher water pressure shower, or do you prefer a more gentle water flow? Deciding on this will help you to choose the right shower for your home.

Most electric showers come as a set, but you will need to double check this when making your purchase to ensure that you have everything that you need. An electric shower set usually consists of the electric shower unit itself, a shower hose, shower head and an adjustable slide bar for the shower head to fit into.

Other features to look out for when buying your new electric shower include anti-scald functions and an easy to clean shower head and hose to help prevent limescale build-up and to make sure that your shower looks like new for many years to come.

Different colours and styles of electric shower are also available so that you can choose a shower that you love, and that will perfectly match your bathroom too.