Ways to Use Black & White Tiles

When it comes to designing the decor in your home, the first question that many of us ask is 'what colour scheme should I use?'. Most of us will come up with answers that include all the colours of the rainbow, but sometimes, when it comes to colours, less is more. How often do we think about using black and white to make a statement?

Bright doesn't always have to mean colourful, and unique doesn't necessarily have to mean loud. From the kitchen floor to the bathroom walls, check out these fantastic ways to use black and white tiles in your home, and turn those grey areas into hot spots!

Smooth Matt

Matt black tiles have the advantages of both elegant style and great practicality. In a kitchen, for example, pairing satin black tiles with polished metal finishings can use contrast to create an effortlessly modern aesthetic. Coupled with a glossy white grout, the matt black finish can become even more striking and with the huge range of versatile tile designs we offer, you are sure to find inspiration for your room design. To create a stunning frame for your room, the Stipple Black Matt Tiles from the beautiful Porcelain Collection, would be ideal. Crafted from high-quality materials, the Stipple tiles are a range we trust due to the undeniable sleek finish and great durability. They are suitable for any room so the only limit you have is deciding which space to add a touch of elegance too. If you are searching for the perfect wall tile, the Industrial matt range may be the simple answer. Again, suitable for use in any room you can utilise the high-quality finish of these ceramic tiles anywhere. With these on-trend tiles, you can easily create a stunning feature wall that is sure to make a huge statement.


Another eye-catching way to display your monochrome tiles is in a versatile ombre design. The gradient look is easy to achieve and can completely modernise any room. Using smaller tiles, it possible to construct a high-impact look with low stress. With our range of dazzling Hexagon tiles, you can easily master the ombre effect with the use of the grey, black and white colours and add an interesting geometric effect to any room. Manufactured from top-grade porcelain, you can transform a plain space into a practical and stylish area. There are a variety of ways you can display these tiles to create an ombre appearance, so it is just a matter of playing around with styles and taking inspiration from our website to find the perfect shape for you.

Show Stopping Shapes

Tiles are a perfect way to utilise your creative side and construct a floor or wall design that is not only highly practical but has an artistic visual appeal too. You can give a versatile feel to any room by working different shapes into a tile design and with our variety of styles and sizes, it is easier than ever to construct a monochrome design that still feels full of life. Again, for this, our elegant Hexagon range would be perfect and with the promise of great quality, all you must worry about is choosing which shapes work best for your space.

Alternatively, our Function and Form Hex Tiles would be ideal for creating bigger, simpler shapes that would still have a stunning impact as a feature wall or to fill an entire room. Available in black and white matt and gloss finishes, you could even experiment with textures to create your own unique look.

Contrasting Grout

When thinking of tile designs, many restrict the thinking to just the pattern of the tiles and forget that an interesting look can be created using different grouts also. Partnering a black satin tile with white shine grout or alternatively a white gloss tile with black grout, can be the perfect component to make any room stand out. With the right use of grout, seemingly plain tiles can be completely transformed and modernised. Using the BCT White Wall Gloss tiles and dark grout, you can very easily create the black and white effect without the need to buy both colours of tiles.

BCT is also one of the leading floor and wall tile suppliers in the UK so you can have complete peace of mind about the quality. Alternatively, if you are looking for a tile with a more interesting shape, the HD Laurel Hex tiles may be perfect for you. With an eye-catching hexagon outline and gorgeous marble effect finish, you would be sure to have an unforgettable end result when paired with a contrasted dark grout.


One of the most popular layouts when it comes to black and white tiles is the checkerboard design. It can add a cool, retro touch to any room whilst being very practical and very easy to achieve. This design can be done with a variety of sizes of square tile to create whichever effect you desire. If a feature wall look is what you are searching for, then you need look no further than the beautiful Colour Compendium Mono Wall tiles. Manufactured from top-grade ceramic and with a clean square design, it is hard to go wrong with these tiles.

They come in black and white and have both gloss and satin finishes so whether you want a more modernised or timeless feel, you can have a free open choice. Alternatively, if you are looking to spice up a room with brand new flooring, it is simple to create the perfect funky design with the Studio Conran Trace Floor Tiles. They are available in black and white and are suitable for any room, so you can make your monochrome vision a reality.

Get Creative With Black and White Tiles

Black and white tiles create an instant air of sophistication, most notably when paired with grey. Grey tiles can soften the harsh lines between black and white while still maintaining a contemporary feel.

A massively popular choice is the Feature S Illusion Tile - these beautifully designed patterned tiles create an optical illusion that changes depending upon the angle at which it is viewed, an instant, on-trend uplift for any room in the home.

Turn it up a notch with a decadent design like the RAK Lounge mixed Porcelain mosaic tile sheet, which can be quaint or quirky depending on how you accessorise your tiling design. The Verona Izen Matt White Chevron Wall and Floor Mosaic could also be another option.

If you're still concerned about a lack of colour, try using black and white tiles paired with pops of colour - for example, when using black and white tiles in the bathroom, make all your accessories (shower curtain, towels, bathmats dispensers etc) in a matching scarlet red or cobalt blue. Use of smaller dashes of colour will really open up your space while still having that elegant, noir feel to it.

We hope we've opened your eyes to the beauty of using black and white tiles in the home, and inspired you to get creating your own black and white tiling designs. Whether you have always dreamed of a contemporary monochrome kitchen or a classic black and white bathroom that gives you the back-in-time feel whenever you step inside, it is simple to achieve what you envision with the right planning and our top-quality products.