What is a Composite Door?

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Composite doors are rapidly growing and becoming the preferred choice of external doors for numerous people due to the huge advantages that Composite doors have over other alternative wooden doors, steel entrances and UPVC doors.

Our made to measure bespoke Composite doors that we have in stock at Building Supplies Online are all built to an extremely high standard and specification, offer a quality orientated Composite access which can be used as either a backdoor or front entrance that will leave you with more time to enjoy your being in your home rather than continually having to conserve it.

The composite windows and doors market is driven by the ever increasing use of corrosion resistant and hygienic doors in various industries. The need to replace wooden or metal doors with lighter components is the primary reason for the composite doors market. Composite windows and composite doors are resistant to water, chemical, water, and corrosion and are lightweight, which boost their adoption in commercial, industrial, and residential applications.

Composite doors and windows are being increasingly used in commercial, industrial and residential applications due to ease of maintenance, resistance to chemicals, water, wind, corrosion, electricity, sound and dust. For this reason, composite doors and windows are highly preferred in healthcare and hospital areas due to their properties of water and sound resistance, durability and ease of maintenance. Furthermore, composite doors and windows provide have a high dimensional stability and strength and provide freedom of design.

Here are five of our main reason that you should consider when looking to purchase a composite door and why we at Building Supplies Online believe a composite door is a right choice for your home compared to alternative solid wood doors.

  1. Cost and Maintenance Whilst the initial purchase cost of a solid wood door is much more likely to be cheaper than the equivalent composite door the ongoing costs of maintenance and upkeep are likely to be more much expensive. To clean a composite door such as the LPD range of doors we stock at Building Supplies Online all you require is a lint-free cloth and soapy water. Because wooden doors are more susceptible to ageing from the elements there is a risk that failing to maintain your wooden door correctly door could lead to peeling, swelling or warping over time.
  2. Life Expectancy In normal day to day use, you can generally expect a wooden door to last up to 30 years if you are fortunate and take the time to re-varnish, repaint and maintain your door to the manufacturer's' instructions which normally dictate that this is required every 2-3 years. A solid Wood Doors life expectancy is heavily dependant on the weather conditions it is subjected to over its lifetime. In contrast to this, however, composite doors can, with yearly oiling of any moving parts including hinges, last a lifetime and because of this, they are extremely durable and low maintenance.
  3. Insulation Both composite and wooden doors excel extremely well when compared to other doors on the market In regards to noise or thermal insulation. However, unlike a wooden door, a composite door will continue to retain its insulative properties over time. Also bearing in mind the LPD range of doors at Building Supplies Online combines the very latest technology with a GRP facing that looks like wood but is unaffected by variations in temperature. When combined with a modern subframe, insulating core, modern outer frame and a fantastic hardware range, these composite doors deliver a high security, weathertight door that will not bow, warp, crack, splinter or dent. So there is really no comparison.
  4. Security Although it is true that wooden doors do perform extremely well in regards to security it is also true to say that over time the impact of weathering can, and often does take its toll on the strength of a wooden door especially if it swells or becomes warped. In comparison to this, composite doors do not have this issue and this is especially true for our LPD Composite doors range. Our range of doors all have a Reinforced PVC-U Door Frame which ensures a superior strength to weight ratio which is simply not achievable with a wooden door and each door has a 5 point locking system using bolts for extra security to ensure your safety and security.
  5. Look and Feel It can be said that the general perception is that you can not replicate the true look and feel of a real wooden door due to the many various styles that are available. At Building Supplies Online we believe that our LPD collection of Composite Doors breaks this perception which means that you can retain that wooden door look and feel without ever having to worry about the maintenance, repair or weathering of a wooden door again.