Why Summer is the Best Time to Buy a Radiator

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Central heating and radiators are an essential item in any modern home, helping us to stay warm and cosy throughout the winter. Although they are crucial, your radiators probably aren’t something that you think too much about until the cold weather surfaces, and you need them.

Posted on 20th June 2019, 4 minute read

Whether you are installing a brand new radiator or replacing an existing one, there’s one time that’s best to buy and install your new radiator, and somewhat surprisingly, that is the summer.

When it’s blue skies and bright sunshine outside you probably aren’t thinking too much about your central heating, but, in fact, this is precisely the time that you should be turning your attention to your radiators.

Buying a radiator in the summer offers many benefits, and should mean that the whole process is a lot less stressful and easier to arrange. Here is why summer is the very best time of year to do some radiator shopping:

You Won’t Get Left in the Cold

If your radiators are in need of replacement, the chances are that you have plodded on with them for a few winters, knowing that sometime soon you will need to bite the bullet and buy new ones and get them installed.

As winter creeps back around again and the temperature starts to drop, you won’t be pleased to switch your heating on and find that your radiators have stopped working altogether.

Rather than waiting until you are in desperate need of a warm home, it is far better to plan ahead and buy your new radiators before the cold weather strikes, instead of taking a chance on your existing radiators lasting yet another winter.

By being a step ahead, you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your radiators will be working perfectly once the cold winter nights start to draw in.

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Breaking Point

If you suspect that your radiators aren’t performing as well as they should be and know that you need to replace them, it is best to be proactive rather than reactive.

Over the colder months, your radiators are going to be working really hard to keep you and your family warm and toasty. If your radiator is already on the way out and not working very efficiently any more, it may not make it through another winter. This is because a failing radiator is much less likely to be able to handle the hard work involved in maintaining a warm home during the winter.

An older, less efficient radiator will need to work so much harder to heat your rooms, causing it, even more, wear and tear, and increasing the risk of it not working at all.

Get an Engineer Easily

If you have ever had a heating emergency during a cold snap and tried to get hold of an engineer, you will know that this is no mean feat. For obvious reasons, the winter months are a heating engineer’s busy period, so why not beat the rush and book in for your radiator revamp over the summer?

Booking in over the summer means that you beat the winter rush, and won’t be left shivering for days on end while you wait for your heating engineer to get around to helping you. During the summer you will find it so much easier to get an appointment with an engineer at a time that is convenient for you.

Getting radiators installed over the summer means that when winter does arrive, you can feel safely assured that when you need your radiators, they will be in good working order for you to use.

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Change it Up

Our radiator range features a wide array of different styles of high-quality radiators. Purchasing a new radiator over the summer offers you much more flexibility and the luxury of taking your time to find the perfect radiator to suit your needs and your taste.

If your radiator breaks down over the winter, you will find yourself in a position of needing to get a new one immediately and will not be able to take your time over selecting the one that’s perfect for you.

When browsing through the radiators we have available from leading manufacturers such as Supplies 4 Heat; you will see that there are so many designs to choose from, that you may opt for a completely different style of radiator to replace your existing one.

You may decide to change your existing traditionally styled radiator for a design-led statement radiator such as a vertical style.

Options such as Supplies 4 Heat’s Paxton or Huxley styles are ideal if you are aiming for a more contemporary look in your home. Due to the different style, size and shape of the radiator you may decide to redecorate your room to better fit with this new style.

If you are changing radiators as part of a home makeover, it is much better to do it in the summer when the radiator won’t be in use, and you can go without it while the redecoration takes place.