4 Playhouse Design Ideas

Make believe and imaginative play are some of the most fun aspects of childhood and are wonderful ways to help children develop their personalities and create fond memories.

Posted on 28th June 2019, 4 minute read

Forest Sage Playhouse Tower - 4ft x 4ft


If you are keen to enable learning through play, a playhouse is a great way to encourage role play which is good for developing children’s social skills and emotions. Whether you want it to be a playhouse for girls or for boys, we offer a great range of ideas.

Spark your imagination and inspire your creativity with our fun playhouse ideas that all little ones will love; from shops to ships and fairytale castles to sand castles, there’s something for everyone! A children's outdoor playhouse is becoming more and more popular due to the increase of desire to get children outdoors and away from TV Screens.

Shop Playhouse

All kids love to play shop! Even the simplest playhouse can be adapted to fit this theme and our Forest Sage Playhouse is the perfect example. A wooden playhouse such as this gives you endless possibilities for customisation.

Add shelves for your little shop keeper to display their produce and install a desk for them to set up their till! Use blackboard paint to make a reusable sign for them to draw and write on. They’ll be improving their maths skills without even realising it!

Let your kids get involved with the set up by letting them choose a colour scheme. They could even design a sign to put above their shop door.

A shop themed playhouse is a great way to let children explore and develop their creativity and they will have hours of fun entertaining themselves and their friends.

They might even let mum and dad pay the shop a visit every now and then!

Forest Sage Playhouse - 4ft x 4ft


Princess Playhouse

Many a little girl dreams of being a princess and what better way to indulge them than with their very own princess playhouse! Pastel colours and intricate details will really give a playhouse a fairytale feel.

You could also choose a colour scheme that matches your little one’s favourite princess, icy blues and white for Elsa lovers, tribal brights for Pocahontas fans or perhaps a princess treehouse for Tinkerbell wannabees! You could even install fairy lights for an extra-special magical atmosphere.

Our Forest Sage Playhouse Tower is ideal for a princess playhouse; it is a raised level playhouse and features a balcony with a ladder for access. You could add to the fun by installing a slide to get back down to the ground. This playhouse will make your children feel like they really do have their very own castle and will be loved by little princesses and knights alike!

Pirate Playhouse

Forest Basil Multiplay Playhouse - 8ft x 4ft


All kids, big and little, love a game of Pirates! Get your garden ship-shape for playing with our Forest Basil Multiplay Playhouse and let their imaginations run wild.

Whether they love sailing the seven seas in search of treasure or just want to make Dad ‘walk-the-plank’ you’ll be happy knowing they’re spending time in the fresh air. Add some port-holes and an anchor, or even a mast!

Make decorating the playhouse into a weekend project for the whole family. The kids will love picking out paint colours and decorations. It will be the perfect place for them to play with friends and siblings who will all be part of the ‘crew’.

You could even install a Jolly Roger for that authentic pirate touch.

Seaside Playhouse

The ‘Staycation’ is becoming more and more popular when it comes to holidays so why not bring the seaside to you with the ultimate seaside playhouse. You can really let your creativity run wild with this design theme.

Forest Thyme Kids' Kabin - 5ft x 5ft


Go for a beach hut style and paint bright stripes, or get nautical with a blue, white and red colour scheme. You could add accessories to create a mini surf shack or ice-cream hut! An under the sea theme with bright sea creatures will really spark your children’s imagination.

You could hang wind chimes and even incorporate a sandpit outside the playhouse to give an authentic beach feel and make playtime a multi-sensory experience.

Whether you choose one of our fun themes or decide on your own unique design, a playhouse is a great way to encourage children to spend more time out in the fresh air and away from their tablets and consoles.

All playhouses in our range are customisable and are great for boys and girls. Simple models are suitable for toddlers and upwards, and our two storey option, the Forest Sage Playhouse Tower adds a little more adventure for slightly older children.

Any of our playhouses will be a charm in your garden and will provide hours of entertainment for the whole family.

By choosing a wooden playhouse you are choosing a product that will last for years and that will be able to stay in your family for generations.

All of the playhouses we have on offer are manufactured by leading brand Forest and are supplied with user-friendly instructions for assembly by at least two adults. A kid's garden playhouse can be a great addition to any garden.

Testing to British Standards BS-EN71 ensures safety for domestic use, so you can rest assured all the necessary safety considerations have been met.