4 Ways to Use Sliding Barn Doors

Not just for use in barns, sliding barn doors are becoming increasingly more popular for use in the modern home.

Posted on 13th May 2019, 4 minute read

JELD-WEN Internal White Primed Cottage Door


Sliding barn doors offer a versatile alternative to traditional swinging doors. They are a great way to add personality and style to your home and they have both functional and aesthetic benefits.

Functionally, sliding barn doors are a huge space saver, as they do not need the clearance to swing open like a classical door. Simply hooked on to a tracker that is fixed to the wall, they are easy to install and could really bring a unique element to your living area.

Sliding barn doors are generally much more lightweight than a swinging door and require very little force to open.

Aesthetically, with the right interior décor, sliding barn doors look stunning and mesmerising in any setting. They can quite easily be adapted to fit with the ambience of your home.

Keep them rural and country looking to complement an older, traditional themed home or they can be polished to match the walls and add architectural charm in a more contemporary styled abode. Whichever design you choose, they look equally impressive.

Sliding barn doors offer a rustic feel can add simplicity and warmth to any home. There are endless ways to incorporate sliding barn doors into your home but here are four popular uses to give a little inspiration.


Sliding barn doors can save a lot of space, so are a handy option for smaller, narrow spaces such as hallways.

Leave them open to provide a comfortable flow from your hallway to other areas within your home and make space feel bigger, or slide them closed to partition off your rooms and give privacy when needed.

An added benefit to having sliding barn doors in your hallway is that you do not have to worry about them slamming shut if a breeze is generated by opening an external door or through open windows.

Hallways do not often have windows and can lack natural light. By installing a sliding barn door with windows, such as the JJELD-WEN Internal White Primed Cottage Clear Glazed Sliding Barn Door, you could lighten up your hallway.

A hallway is usually the first place a person sees when they enter your home, using trendy sliding barn doors is an excellent way to create a great first impression.


The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in our home and while we like it to be aesthetically pleasing, we need it to be functional too. Sliding barn doors are ideal for pantries, particularly if your pantry is small or positioned in an area that could potentially be obstructed by having a traditional swinging door.

With them sliding to the side, as well as looking charming, they are extremely practical; they provide easy access while hiding away your kitchen items and can become a feature of your kitchen. Using a modern looking sliding barn door, like the JELD-WEN Internal White Primed Cottage Sliding Barn Door for your pantry can create a real sense of elegance and uniqueness.


A classic swinging door can make for awkward manoeuvring in an en-suite bathroom where space can be at a premium. As they take up such little floor space, a sliding barn door is very handy to use in this situation.

You could even tie fashion and function together by adding a full-length mirror to the bathroom side of the door to maximise your space!

On the other side of the door, you could use them as a feature to add a great focal point to your bedroom and give a cosy, inviting feel. To really draw attention and create a significantly more dramatic effect, if you have the available space you could use a pair of sliding barn doors, rather than just the one.


As sliding barn doors usually offer a wider opening space than traditionally styled doors, they work great when used as wardrobe or closet doors, opening wide, giving a full view of what is inside. Either double or single doors work well, depending on the size and positioning of the opening.

Our JELD-WEN Internal White Oak Unfinished Shaker 4 Panel, Sliding Barn Door could really look the part.

Sliding barn doors are a great use for wardrobes in a smaller bedroom, as you do not need to leave clearance for the doors to swing open. They close off the area, hiding things away but offer quick and easy access to your clothes, while adding style and substance. It is a fantastic way to give a quick upgrade to your room whilst making a big statement.