Our range includes leading UK bathroom brands. We offer premium quality bathroom sanitary ware and ceramicsThese brands give a wide choice through style, price and functionality. Allowing you to create a beautiful area within your home

Things to Consider

Key considerations include size and style. So with that in mind we have created an extensive range of bathroom products for you to choose from.

Things you should consider before choosing your new bathroom;

  • The amount of room you have
  • The room layout
  • The design
  • Plumbing
  • Who will use the room

Modern & Traditional Bathroom Designs

Our collections range from traditional classics to stunning modern.

With both contemporary and traditional styles remaining popular, and with accessories and fittings not just acting as extras, but imperative when it comes to creating your ideal scheme, we have a range of options available, giving you the opportunity to create your dream bathroom.

Making your bathroom choice

With so many ideas and styles to inspire you, choosing your bathroom can take time.

If contemporary bathroom design is more inline with your plans then we have a great selection for you to choose from. The Roca range of high-quality steel baths will complement any design along with Hudson Reed.

Ideal Standards range offer a fantastic choice along with Armitage Shanks and Twyford, all established manufacturers with an excellent reputation.

Design Ideas

Deciding on the products you will use is one of the hardest parts, as this furniture will dictate the style of your bathroom.

If you are looking at individual products our ranges from Grohe are worth a look, especially with their contemporary styling and reputation for quality bathroom products.

How to Make the Most of your Space

No one has unlimited space, it is key to work with what you have. Luckily for you, we have a couple of tips to make sure that you can make the most of your Space, however big or small.

There are two main ways to accomplish this, and each can be further broken down;

Physically increase the space in your Bathroom

If you are designing your bathroom from scratch, you have made it easy for yourself. Make conscious decisions about what furniture and units you are going to put in your bathroom, smaller units may be less desirable but sometimes it is necessary.

Cloakroom and en-suite designs, all available on our website, are another step in the right direction. They are designed to accommodate smaller bathrooms and save space where ever they can. Choose cabinets over glass shelves or any exposed storage appliances, since they are more likely to get knocked or obstruct movement in smaller rooms.

Create the illusion of space for your bathroom

Now that we have discussed how you can actually save room it's useful to know how to create the Tardis effect in a smaller space. Firstly go for floating or off the ground units and appliances if you can. A lot of floor space can open up a room more than you think while avoiding stubbed toes and other unpleasantries. Read our article on small bathroom ideas for more inspiration.

Whatever your requirements we feel sure our superb range of bathrooms will enhance your home.

How much does it cost for a new bathroom?

The average bathroom costs between £4000 - £5000; however, there are a lot of variables which can make the cost change. The best approach is to set yourself a budget when you are purchasing all of your bathroom supplies.

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