Explore our extensive range of bathrooms from leading manufacturers. We offer traditional, classic and contemporary designs.

With many styles to choose from, ranging from traditional to modern bathrooms plus an extensive selection of showers and taps, we are confident you'll be able to find the bathroom you are looking for. 

Explore our extensive range of quality bathrooms including collections from leading bathroom manufacturers such as Burlington, Ideal Standard, Grohe and Roca plus many more. We have chosen our bathroom brands to give a wide choice through style, price and functionality, so you can create a beautiful bathroom space within your home.

Our Bathrooms category is comprised of products manufactured by companies such as Ideal, Hudson Reed, Premier, Grohe, Geberit and many more. Our Bathrooms brands are specifically chosen due to their constant high standard of products. Along with this, the brands who mainly supply for our bathrooms category also have a range of styles and designs ranging in prices. This has aided our bathrooms category making it a diverse and unique category. Bathrooms are often the center point of a household. When someone visits your house they will undoubtedly use your bathroom, so why not make it the eye-catching room it can be. With our bathrooms category, you can use our wide range of brands to help you design the perfect room for you, and all of this is available in one area. Below is a wide range of information regarding our bathrooms category products. We always keep in mind that building a bathroom is hard. Deciding on whatstyle or design you want is tedious, but our range of brands can help make this task seamless. Our Bathrooms category can help you make the perfect bathroom for your household no matter the style or design you are aiming for, we can help you keep to your budget whilst still designing the perfect bathroom

Shopping for Bathrooms Online has never been easier. Our easy to navigate bathroom section provides an easy system, to help you build your perfect Bathroom Online. Online shopping is the most popular form of shopping in todays world, so why can't shopping for bathrooms online be easy too! Here at Building Supplies Online we aime to make your shopping experience as smooth as possible. In our Bathrooms section you will be able to find the best products for you, which work well together. Our vast range of sizes, colours, and brands make shopping for bathrooms online as easy as it can be. 

Modern & Traditional Bathrooms

Our bathroom collections range from traditional classics to stunning modern bathroom suites plus an extensive selection of showers, screens, taps and accessories.  Our range also includes a great choice of bathroom suites and showers.

One of the most important decisions any homeowner can make when designing their dream home is what bathroom they choose. Bathrooms are the sanctuary of the home, so creating that perfect atmosphere for your ultimate room of escape from the busy day is paramount.

We know that choice is essential and factors such as size and style are key considerations, so with that in mind we have created an extensive range of bathroom suites, bathroom separates and bathroom furniture for you to choose from. With both contemporary and traditional bathrooms remaining popular, and with such things as bathroom accessories and fittings not just acting as functional extras, but imperative when it comes to creating your ideal scheme, we have a broad range of options available, giving you the opportunity to take that dream bathroom from imagination to reality.

If you are looking to update your current bathroom and fit a cohesive new suite, our varied collection of suites have a style to suit any taste or budget, and with an ensemble appropriate for any bathroom size. You may alternatively be looking to replace a bathroom sink, toilet or shower unit, or rejuvenate your decor with the addition of new bathroom pieces of furniture such as cabinets, mirrors and vanity units.

We also offer an extensive choice of all bathroom separates and those all-important accessories because we know a whole new look can be achieved with a carefully selected range of new furniture. Smaller details such as taps and cabinets or the addition of new bath panels can elevate bathrooms to the next level and make them a  place you look forward to relaxing in time and again at the end of a hectic day.

Our carefully selected bathrooms and products for bathrooms are from leading bathroom manufacturers such as Burlington, Ideal Standard, Roca and Grohe as well as many other industry specialists, ensuring that every type of style requirement is catered for.

Bathrooms are arguably one of the most determining rooms in the home when it comes to showcasing your own individual style and we know completing that perfect look requires inspiration. Our comprehensive range of bathrooms, accessories and furniture for bathrooms will provide you with everything you need to bring your dream bathroom to life.

Choosing your Bathroom

With so many ideas to inspire you and so many bathroom styles to choose from, choosing your bathroom can take some time.  If you are fortunate to have a large bathroom then you may be able to have a bath and separate shower and may want to incorporate bathroom furniture.

Our Burlington bathroom range would look wonderful in a period property, with a range that includes freestanding baths with feet such as the Burlington Windsor Freestanding Double Ended Bath or the classic Slipper Bath from Hawke & Beck.  If you are buying bathroom separates for a smaller bathroom and you need to incorporate a shower with a traditional bath then the Hampton range incorporates a shower without losing the period feel of your bathroom.

If contemporary bathroom design is more inline with your plans then we have a great selection of bathrooms for you to choose from. The Roca range of high-quality steel baths will complement any modern bathroom design along with Hudson Reed. 

Ideal Standards range of bathrooms offer a fantastic choice along with Armitage Shanks bathrooms and Twyford bathrooms, all established manufacturers with an excellent reputation.

Bathroom Ideas and Bathroom Furniture

Really thinking through how you want to use your bathroom will influence what bathroom appliances and furniture you may have. Maybe you want to incorporate bathroom furniture that is functional while really adding to the ambience of your bathroom. Maybe a power shower is the most important consideration for you and deciding which factors should help you choose the best solution. Style versus functionality is always a challenge when choosing a bathroom along with price but our range includes many options to help you make this decision.

If you are looking specifically at individual bathroom products our ranges from Grohe is well worth a look, especially with their contemporary styling and reputation for quality bathroom products. Need help with your small bathroom ideas. we have a page just for you. Our small bathroom ideas page is filled with tips and tricks to utilise all the space you have available, as well as giving an illusion of a bigger bathroom. We discuss colours, sizes, furniture, fittings and more in our small bathroom ideas page. 

How to make the most of your Bathroom space

No one has unlimited Bathroom space, although it would be nice when it comes to bathrooms you have to work with what you have unless you want to knock down walls. Luckly for you, Building Supplies Online have a couple of tips to make sure that you can make the most of your Bathroom Space, however big or small. There are two main ways to accomplish this, and each can be further broken down;

Physically increase the space in your Bathroom

If you are designing your bathroom from scratch, you have made it easy for yourself. Make conscious decisions about what furniture and units you are going to put in your bathroom, smaller units may be less desirable but not as bad as not having space to turn in your own bathroom. Certain types of units and appliances will also benefit those trying to save space in their Bathroom, shower baths or smaller square showers will save space when compared with a separate shower and bath set up.

Cloakroom and en-suite designs, all available on our website, are another step in the right direction because they are designed to accommodate smaller bathrooms and save space where ever they can. Choose Bathroom cabinets over glass shelves or any exposed storage appliances, since they are more likely to get knocked or obstruct movement in smaller bathrooms.

Create the illusion of space in your Bathroom

Now that we have discussed how you can actually save space in your bathroom, it's useful to know how to create the Tardis effect in a smaller space. Firstly go for floating or of the ground units and appliances if you can, a lot of floor space can open up a room more than you think while avoiding stubbed toes and other unpleasantries. 

Whatever your bathroom requirements we feel sure our superb range of bathrooms will enhance your home.

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