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Oak Internal Doors

Oak Internal Doors are an attractive and durable way of transforming your home.

At Building Supplies Online, we offer an extensive range of styles and designs of Oak Internal Doors.

Why Choose Oak Internal Doors?

  • As well as looking great they are perfect for your home in many ways. This is because of their strength, stability, reducing noise distributions and heat loss.
  • Oak has always been the most popular wood with manufacturers. This is due to their its flexible tendencies and affordability
  • They have a fantastic warm finish
  • They are currently a favourite and very much on-trend and use in many high quality and prestigious projects
  • Oak Doors make the perfect option to mix modern style with the look of luxury
  • As well as modern and cottage style home, Oak Doors look authentic in period Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian properties
  • They are good insulators. Doors play a big part in keeping heat in your house during Summer, similar to floors
  • They have a solid durable frame, with a long-lasting lifespan
  • Oak is a dense material hence its good insulation characteristic
  • Oak Doors are sold at a reasonable price which means you are more often than not going to get your investment back over time
  • They are easy to pair with other furniture. With the different variation of colours and finish of Oak Doors it is easy to match with furniture
  • A long with good insulation, they are good at absorbing sound, they tend to create a noise barrier when closed


Our range is comprised of products from;

These manufacturers work towards bringing innovative designs to your household and are leading in the UK for producing doors.

We have over 600 styles available.

Making a Choice

  • When you consider buying an Oak Doors you can choose from a huge variety with different cores and veneers. Most Oak Internal Doors are semi-solid core and an oak veneer finish. There have the advantage of appearing like a solid real oak door without the expensive cost involved.
  • For a cheaper alternative that still looks great, look at a lighter weight oak internal door. You also have the choice between a glazed oak internal door with glass panelling.  These would be great if you feel your chosen space would benefit with further light filtering through your door.
  • We also offer pairs which look amazing in the use of a living room, dining room or conservatory or even the East-Frame system.
  • Our styles are available in the choice of un-finished allowing you to paint or stain the door at home to the exact colour you decide. Pre-finished Oak Internal Doors allow you to install the oak door as soon as you are ready.

When browsing our range of Oak Doors, you will see a variety of amazing designs. From the classic shaker detail panelling to more intricate and unusual art-deco designs.


They can be created from a red oak or a white oak that have various characteristics. Our Oak Internal Doors are made from a semi-solid core and use an oak veneer finish.

Using solid core construction means doors won’t warp or crack in the way that traditional solid Oak Internal Doors can. With the desire for contemporary flush finish doors, this cannot be easily achieved with one piece of solid wood.

Solid core oak veneer internal doors look fantastic and identical to a solid oak internal door without the risk of warping. The quality of veneer and finish achieved means your investment will look and function for many years to come.


We can make bespoke made-to-measure Internal Oak Doors so that you can get one to fit your exact measurements. This is if you have a slightly smaller or larger door frame.

If this is a requirement, please see the product specification on the particular oak door you were wanting. This is to see if this bespoke measurement is possible.

What is a pre-finished oak door?

When you see a door described as pre-finished, it means the door itself is ready to install. A pre-finished Oak Internal Door would be one that does not need to be stained or primed. 

What are oak veneer doors?

Oak veneer is essentially an oak door made from thin slices of oak placed on top of a lower oak density core. This helps preserve high-quality woods without skipping the quality of the door.

Can you paint oak veneer doors?

An excellent attribute of Oak Veneer Doors is that they can be treated like any other wood. This means you can stain, prime and paint veneer wood like you would with any other door. Internal Oak Veneer Door is a good investment because you get the aesthetic appeal of a normal solid wood door without the additional expenses and weight.

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