Floor Tiles

Fulfil your fantastic flooring dreams with our extensive range of beautifully crafted Floor Tiles, carefully selected to give you maximum style and comfort in any room of your home.

Why Use Floor Tiles

  • They bring a wonderful look and feel to a home, with so many styles, textures and colours to choose from, it’s not surprising that they are becoming one of the most popular flooring choices. Gone are the days of boring Floor Tiles!
  • With modern manufacturing techniques, the scope of design has expanded with many styles.
  • This means that there is a Floor Tile for every room of the house that could blend seamlessly with your style.
  • Having Floor Tiles in your home gives you the opportunity to add your own creative flare.


They are extremely durable and easy to clean. If you have any pets or heavy use floor areas such as halls, the ease of cleaning is a big plus and a major decision for choosing Floor Tiles.

  • Floor Tiles are easy to vacuum or sweep – the convenience is not to be dismissed
  • They are relatively easy to lay, most DIYers are able lay them themselves, reducing the overall cost

Choosing your Floor Tiles

Our extensive collection of high-quality Floor Tiles are sure to be able to help you create a floor that suits your room perfectly. With many different sizes and shapes, the looks that can be achieved are endless.

We offer a wide range from well-known brands including Verona and RAK Ceramics. All in a variety of styles, sizes and colours.

Choose from effects such as marble, concrete and wood to create a rustic feel. Go for a more exotic theme with intricately designed moroccan tiles, or create a stylish, modern oasis with sleek neutrals to either complement your décor or create contrast.

Design Options

Whether you prefer a classic layout, a smart, contemporary slate pattern or a striking mosaic of small Floor Tiles, don’t be afraid to get creative! A well-placed tiling pattern can be the perfect finishing touch to an otherwise bland living space.

  • There are opportunities to make design statements such as the appearance of a seamless floor using large Floor Tiles and tonal grout
  • Alternatively, smaller Floor Tiles and contrasting grout
  • An option can be to utilise different sizes of tiles, large central floor tiles with detailed small floor tiles as a border
  • One option is to layout your Floor Tiles prior to fixing them and see how different layers can work
  • Try a diagonal or herringbone look rather than opting for a linear or square approach
  • Another option is to use the same Floor Tile on your walls to give the illusion of more space

How to Cut 

When tiling your floor, you will find that you may have to cut some of your Floor Tiles, so they fit directly up against the wall. Follow these steps when cutting;

  • First start by marking your Floor Tile to show how much needs cutting off (leave 1 or 2mm for grout)
  • Place the tile in a manual tile cutter and line up the mark you have made with the edge of the cutter
  • Score the tile along the marked line

How to Lay 

If you’re tiling a room, you need to consider tiling only half the room and when it’s dry tile the rest. This will take slightly longer but will provide you with a hard-wearing surface. Read our below steps on how to lay floor tiles.

  • Start off in the centre of the room. Pour enough tile adhesive to cover a square metre of floor. Spread the tile adhesive evenly using a trowel
  • Draw the serrated edge of the trowel back through the tile adhesive to form ridges to create a level surface
  • Place your first tile in position and work outwards placing the other tiles in a row
  • Fit plastic tile spacers between each floor tile to ensure equal spacing
  • Complete the first ¼ of the room until you can no longer place anymore whole tiles
  • Repeat this process until the entire floor is tiled
  • After you have placed all the whole tiles down and your floor is dry tile your edges

How to Grout 

Grouting your tiles doesn’t only make them look nice it also seals your tiles to protect them from dirt and moisture.

  • Apply the grout using a grout spreader and force it into the gaps between the tiles. Work at a 45-degree angle.
  • Tool it into the joints whilst the grout is still workable
  • Make sure you wipe off any excess with a damp cloth
  • Let the grout sit for the recommended time 5. When dry, polish over the tiles with a cloth.

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