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Floor Tiles

Floor Tiles


Explore our fantastic selection of floor tiles from leading brands

Floor tiles bring a wonderful look and feel to a home, with so many styles, textures and colours to choose from it is not surprising that floor tiles are becoming one of the most popular flooring choices. 

Gone are the days of boring floor tiles!  With modern manufacturing techniques, the scope of floor tile design has expanded into many styles, meaning that there is a floor tile for every room of the house, that could blend seamlessly with your room style. Floor tiles give you an opportunity to add a creative flair to your home. Whether you want to create a neutral look with floor tiles in colours such as cream, white or grey or you want to bring a bold design statement with the many designs available, the range of floor tiles to choose from is extensive, enabling you to create a modern or traditional feel to your home.

Floor Tile Options

With many different sizes and shapes of floor tiles, the looks that can be achieved are endless with opportunities to make design statements such as the appearance of a seamless floor using large floor tiles and tonal grout or smaller floor tiles and contrasting grout. An option can be to utilise different sizes of tiles, large central floor tiles with detailed smaller floor tiles as a border or creating the appearance of rug with a detailed central floor tile pattern.  One option is to layout your floor tiles prior to fixing them and see how different layouts can work, try a diagonal or herringbone look rather than opting for a linear or square approach. Another option, very popular in bathrooms, is to use the same floor tile on your walls which can give a real illusion of space.

Floor Tile advantages

Floor tiles are extremely durable and easy to clean and if you have pets or heavy use areas such as halls, the ease of cleaning is a big plus and a major decision for choosing floor tiles as your flooring choice.  Easy to vacuum or sweep and so much easier to mop than many alternatives, the convenience of floor tiles is not to be dismissed.

Relatively easy to lay, many keen DIY'ers are able to lay floor tiles themselves which reduces the overall cost of having floor tiles fitted.

In fact, the range of Floor Tiles styles available is so vast that no matter which type of interior aesthetic you’re into, whether it be industrial, traditional or contemporary, there’s definitely a style of floor tile that can complement it. We offer a wide range of Floor Tiles from well known brands including Ted Baker, Laura Ashley and British Ceramic Tile in a variety of styles, sizes and patterns to suit any home.

Porcelain or Ceramic Floor Tiles?

The most common dilemma when it comes to choosing your Floor Tiles is whether you should pick Porcelain or Ceramic and although they both look the same, they actually differ in practicality. Floor Tiles that are porcelain are less porous making them a lot more hardwearing, a perfect option for kitchens and bathrooms or floors that anticipate heavier traffic. Floor Tiles made from ceramic on the other hand are usually recommended for hallways and living rooms although in recent years they have become increasingly resistant to scratchings and chippings.

Choosing your Floor Tiles

Floor Tiles are undoubtedly the best flooring option for bath and shower rooms as carpets and wooden floors are not able to withstand the moisture of bathrooms. When it comes to choosing Floor Tiles for your bathroom, the most popular options are ceramic and porcelain tiles. Our selection of Floor Tiles for your bathroom are hardwearing, easy to clean, and resistant to stains. Our Laura Ashley Floor Tiles feature a matt finish and are perfect for creating a distinctive look in your bathroom.

With so much choice of Floor Tiles for kitchens these days it can seem somewhat overwhelming. Kitchen Floor Tiles don’t only need to make an impression they also need to be durable, long lasting and easy to clean, after all, it’s where footfall is generally the heaviest and where spillages are most frequent. Our choice of Floor Tiles for kitchens is endless, from wood, marble, ceramic, porcelain and natural stone all designed to create cool, classic and contemporary interiors. Our White Hexagon Kitchen Floor Tiles from British Ceramic Tile can be arranged in a variety of ways to create a bespoke and unique kitchen floor.

Adding Floor Tiles with patterns to your home can be one of the most exciting aspects of interior designed and with so many bright patterns to choose from, Patterned Floor Tiles have the ability to add interest to a blank room. The key to using Floor Tiles is choosing one that works well in your home, typically, the more neutral the room the more striking the pattern of Floor Tile. We offer a variety of Floor Tiles to suit any style of room. Our Laura Ashley Heritage range is inspired by British Heritage and tradition and features classic geometric patterns to add a charming touch to any room. Our Laura Ashley Mr Jones Patterned Floor Tiles have grey undertones to allow for versatile designs so whether you are decorating a room with minimalistic tones or bright colours, these tiles will seamlessly blend in.

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