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Ceramic kitchen sinks have always been a huge favourite in traditional and modern kitchens. Coming in a variety of styles and finishes they not only look the part but are highly resistant to daily use and possible damage.

Our Range

Due to the popularity of ceramic kitchen sinks over the years, many different styles and finishes have been created. We stock a large variety of different styles which include a single bowl, 1.5 bowl and also double bowl as well as many more.

Our ceramic sinks are highly resistant to;

  • Scratching
  • Kitchen acids
  • Cutting 
  • Light impacts 

This makes them perfect for busy homes and families.

They are superbly easy to clean, with a smooth non-porous finish, which means it's easy to keep your U.K Ceramic kitchen sink in a great appearance. We stock a whole variety of manufacturers who are all based here in the U.K and have reliable feedback and high-quality products.

Making a Choice

When deciding on your ceramic kitchen sink, consider the size of your current kitchen. For smaller ones, the single bowl is perfect and more than enough. However, if you want more space then 1.5 bowl is excellent for a drying space too. We have ceramic kitchen sinks for sale for superb prices, we have something to suit everyone's budget from high to low.

If you have either a modern or traditional style interior we have something for you, undermount ceramic sinks look amazing in modern style kitchens, swell as double bowled. Belfast sink traditionally look amazing in classically styled homes.

All our ceramic sinks are made from the highest quality ceramic and are toughened to ensure they last well into the future with no damage or issues. We have a great selection online to match your current or planned kitchen perfectly. 

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