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Pull Out Kitchen Taps

Pull out kitchen taps are a practical addition to any kitchen.

The original use of kitchen spray taps was limited to professional kitchens, but have been redesigned allowing them to now be a part of stylish, home kitchens. The transition from being in a professional kitchen to home, has allowed pull out taps to become stylish and easy to use.

Are Pull Out Kitchen Taps right for your kitchen?

At building supplies online, we offer pull out kitchen mixer taps that are practical for most kitchen uses; whether rinsing fruit and veg, trying to spray clean food from pots and pans, or simply rinsing all the corners of the sink itself, these tasks are all made easier with a pull out kitchen tap.

Each spray tap we have to offer is equipped with a pull out hose and spray head, and as with all our kitchen taps they are designed with modern tap technology, ensuring your kitchen tap with hose has good water flow and is durable. Many of our kitchen taps with hose also have two practical water flow functions, one being a standard flow and the other offering a spray flow for more efficient rinsing which can be changed by a simple switch.

Choosing your Pull Out Kitchen Taps

The ranges in styles of kitchen mixer tap with pull out spray allows your new tap to fit in with the design choices of your kitchen. The variety of design in the features of our kitchen spray taps such as lever handles, hoses and spray head allows individual style to be added to your choice of pull out kitchen taps. The variety of hose and spout styles allows you to hide the hose discreetly or to add a more professionally styled kitchen tap with hose to the design of your kitchen. All this makes our pull out kitchen taps both a practical and stylish choice for your home kitchen.

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