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Composite Doors

When replacing or installing new front doors there can be a number of important things to consider as there are a bewildering number of options.

Thngs to consider when choosing the correct front door for you are;

  • Material 
  • Required maintenance
  • General style 
  • Appearance
  • How well it works to insulate your home, keep the cold at bay and reduce energy bills.
  • How secure it is.

Composite Doors are a relatively modern solution to this.

What are Composite Doors?

Composite Front Doors are often made from a variety of materials. These materials can be PVC, wood, insulating foam and GRP. Often Composite Doors are designed to look like they are made from wood, this is done through the wood grain effect on the door.

Composite Doors combine the advantages of traditional materials such as wood and timber and more modern materials such as uPVC.

Why Choose a Composite Door?

As Composite Doors are manufactured using a combination of materials, the performance level of the doors is often a lot higher.

  • Composite Front Doors are naturally quite touch and are also good insulators compared to their wooden counterparts
  • Composite Doors are often a more reliable choice for safety
  • They require less maintenance than traditional doors if they are exposed to adverse or harsh weather conditions
  • They naturally have a long-life span and ensure years of reliable performance

If you want a low maintenance option, that combines great style and appearance, high-security and excellent insulation then you are sure to find the right door from our range of Composite Doors

Our Range of Composite Doors

We carry the finest Composite Front Doors on the UK market. We can provide you with a wide selection of colours including green, grey, black and blue to choose from and the latest security features available for every door.

Our Composite Doors are constructed with high standards and specification being of paramount importance. Invest in a door from Building Supplies Online and choose style, security and personality for your home.

Our range of LPD Composite Front Doors are sold as sets including the Composite Doors themselves as well as a matching, re-enforced uPVC door frame which together ensures that your front or external door is highly secure and safe against potential intruders.

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    LPD GRP Malton Black 2L Glazed Exterior Door

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    LPD GRP Colonial 6 Panel Black Exterior Door

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