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Composite Doors


Composite doors sets are fast becoming the favoured choice of external doors.

Composite doors are an increasingly popular choice for people looking to replace or install new front doors and other external doors. At Building Supplies Online we offer a range of composite doors from the trusted LPD brand that are attractive, high quality, and value for money. You are sure to find composite doors that meet your external door needs. Why choose composite doors when fitting external doors?

When replacing or installing new front doors and other external doors there can are a number of important features to consider, and there can be a bewildering number of options. To ensure you choose the right front door for you you will want to consider a door's material and the maintenance it will require, its general style and its specific appearance including colouring, how well it works to insulate your home, keep the cold at bay, and reduce energy bills, and how secure it is to protect your home from potential intruders. Composite doors are a relatively modern solution to this choice. Composite doors combine the advantages of traditional material such as wood and timber, with the advantages of more modern materials such as uPVC. And because they are constructed from both kind of material composite doors avoid the problems and disadvantages that can come with having an external door made just from traditional materials or just from modern materials.

Composite doors are made from a combination of materials rather than just one type of material, as you might find in a traditional timber door. The LPD composite doors offered in our range combine a sub-frame high density foam core with a modern hard wearing GRP external skin. That high density core ensures that our composite doors have high thermal efficiency and provide excellent insulation for your home, helping to keep your energy costs lower. And their durable hard wearing GRP external skin means our composite doors are weather proof and resist warping or shrinking when exposed to variations in temperature. These composite doors avoid the need for the kind of treatment and maintenance required for traditional timber doors that can be time consuming and costly. The LPD selection of composite doors are sold as sets including the composite doors themselves as well as a matching, re-inforced uPVC door frame which together ensure that your front or external door is highly secure and safe against potential intruders through a combination of modern security features and the tough, modern GRP external layer of the composite doors. The modern external layer of composite doors also means that it can be designed to reproduce a range of styles and finishes. Our range of composite doors includes doors with a wood-look finish, in various Victorian, Georgian, and modern styles, and in a range of natural and modern colours. All of these high quality composite doors are available at great value prices.

Why choose from our Composite Front Doors range

Composite Front Doors have a flawless design. At first glance, you would believe that our Composite Front Doors are made solely from wood however this is not the case. Composite Front Doors are often made from a variety of materials. These materials can be PVC, wood, insulating foam and GRP. These materials are ideal for making a Composite Front Door and when combined naturally make a better door. However often Composite Front Doors are designed to look like they are made from wood, this is done through the wood grain effect on the door. As Composite Front Doors are made from a variety of materials, the performance level of the door is often a lot higher. Composite Front Doors are naturally quite tough, and also are good insulators. Compared to their wooden counterparts, Composite Front Doors are often a more reliable choice for safety and insulation. Composite Front Doors also require less maintenance. Traditional doors sometimes can need a lot of maintenance. This only happens if they are exposed to adverse or harsh weather conditions. If a traditional door is exposed to harsh weather they will also need a lot of time to restore them to their original state. Composite Front Doors require less maintenance over their lifespan. This is because they are less likely to be effected by weather conditions. Composite Front Doors naturally have a long lifespan paired with them. As they are tough doors, made from a variety of materials, you often don't have to frequently change/replace a Composite Front Door.

If you want a low maintenance option, that combines great style and appearance, high security, and excellent insulation, then you are sure to find the right choice for you from our range of composite doors.

We carry the finest composite front doors  on the UK market. We can provide you with a wide selection of colours including green, grey, black, and blue to choose from and the latest security features available for every door, a Building Supplies Online LPD Speedwell Grey Glazed Door Set is a popular choice to consider.

Our doors are constructed with high standards and specification being of paramount importance. Invest in a door from Building Supplies Online and choose style, security and personality for your home. Composite doors are the only and obvious choice when prioritising the security of your home and your family.

Composite front doors offer a number of benefits, most notably, they ensure years of reliable performance, with basic maintenance needed. Composite doors are very practical and durable; however, they still leave an elegant impression on the exterior of any home. We offer great prices on composite external doors and shipping across the UK.

Composite doors have been subjected to a number of controlled security tests to imitate the most common-place forms of attempted burglary. Using a sledgehammer it would be very hard to puncture a hole through the inner core and gain access, giving you peace of mind indefinitely.

Looking for guidance on door sizes? Have a look at our guide on standard door sizes.

Composite front doors draw inspiration from the Georgian and Victorian periods, while also adding an up to date feel to your property.

Whether you decide on a door style with a large or petite glazed area, opting to let lots or minimal light into your home, with a comprehensive range of glazing options you’re sure to find something to complement your property and your new Building Supplies Online door.

Composite doors are increasing in demand year on year. Bridging the gap between traditional hardwood doors, oak doors and modern doors, our selection of composite doors provide entrance doors that are the main focal point of your home and create the best first impression.Composite doorsadd value to the front of your house. View our range of doors below.

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