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Waste Disposal units

A Kitchen Waste Disposal Unit is becoming more popular in UK households. Did you know that food waste represents 23% of our household waste?

What is a Kitchen Waste Disposal Unit?

A Kitchen Waste Disposal Unit provide a modern environmentally friendly way for waste disposal. The Kitchen Waste Disposal Unit is simple and convenient to install and affordable to install. The Kitchen Waste Disposal Unit is a little device fitted and installed under your kitchen sink between the sink and the drain. The food waste disposal unit grinds the food waste with cold water and grounds the food into tiny particles that can be flushed away into the waste treatment system.

The Kitchen Waste disposal unit can deal with most foods and is very efficient. There are two types of sink waste disposal unit, a shredder or a grinder. The shredder shreds the food into long stringy lengths whereas the grinder grinds the waster down into tiny lumps. You can tell the quality of the waste disposal unit by the noise generated but the composition of the sink could have an effect on this. Also you will need to take into consideration the cutter quality, the size and space of the unit and what space you have under the sink and whether it is a batch or continuous feed.

The food kitchen waste disposal unit is safe to use and does not contain knives or blades contrary to popular belief. This enables rubbish disposal to be hygienic rather than storing in bins which in turns attract flies and other insects and unpleasant odours. By using this rubbish disposal method you are making a positive contribution to the environment as it reduces the amount that ends up in land-fill.

Choosing your Kitchen Waste Disposal Unit

At Building Supplies Online we offer everything you need to install your waste disposal system smoothly and will take the waste away quickly including the siphon, plumbing kit, sink waste and the waste disposal unit. We offer a variety of units from major brands Reginox and Blanco and can be installed for two sinks if necessary.

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