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Every garden, no matter what size needs tending to, which is why we strive to bring our customers the highest quality of garden tools to accommodate their needs. Our extensive range of top of the market Rakes and Hoes is a selection guaranteed to fit the needs of any lawn owner.

What are Rakes & Hoe's?

From our affordable ‘Faithful Essentials’ collection to our luxury ‘Kent & Stowe’ line, there is a high quality Rake or Hoe guaranteed to fit any of our buyers’ price range.

Not only do our Rakes and Hoe options offer quality materials but fit a variety of purposes whether your gardening problems are deriving from an overflow of autumnal leaves or you are looking to keep your asphalt plot in pristine condition.

When it comes to gardening experience, we make sure even the most inexperienced gardener can purchase the tool that’s right for them and their lawn necessities...

Buying the Rake or Hoe that’s Right for you

  • Every homeowner’s garden needs different treatment dependent on the capacity and characteristics of the plot. That’s why it’s important to make sure you get the right Rake and Hoe for your personal space.
  • For the buyers with a large surface area on their plot that suffers from dead leaf pile-up, our Long-Handled Rake options are the best choice. The long handle also turns the potentially daunting task of gardening for those with lesser mobility into an enjoyable pass-time.
  • There is a common misconception that grass gardens are the only type that need maintenance compared to, say, concrete. But here we know that Asphalt Rakes are a crucial part of our Rakes and Hoes collection. These are the best on the market for those looking to keep their aggregate surfaces smooth, reducing the health and aesthetic hazards of an uneven gravel drive!
  • For those with the greenest of fingers, our quality collection of Hoes are your gardening box essential. From the traditional Dutch Hoe, whose design has continued in popularity for centuries due to its uncontested practicality, to the upgraded Long-Handled model, whatever one of our Hoes you choose to purchase, it will be the helping hand in realising your floral and grass garden visions.
  • Not all gardens are built onto healthy, malleable soil, leaving some homeowners lost on how to transform its quality from hostile to homely when it comes to planting new shrubs. At affordable prices we have put an end to this concern by offering Rakes that have been specifically designed to efficiently deal with solid soil that needs a little extra reinforcement.


  • Not only is finding the right Rake or Hoe for its intended purpose a crucial part of the gardening process, but knowing that your new tool is constructed with the most durable, as well as practical materials can put your mind at ease in terms of the longevity of your Rake and Hoe.
  • A gardener’s tool is their primary weapon when facing the garden, so we know that its essential to offer a variety in the materials used in the construction of our Rakes and Hoes to accommodate the different preferences of our customers.
  • For those looking for the more resistant materials due to dealing with harder terrains, there are top of the range aluminium and steel options to guarantee such durability. For those looking for the more traditional leaf rake, our trusted wood constructed products are the ideal workman’s tool.
  • All of our Hoes and Rakes are rust resistant so that our customers know they have a tool for life. The length of our Rakes and Hoes, whether It be a smaller Hoe or a Long-Handled Rake, the strength of the materials used in construction are not compromised and will support you in the strength needed for the sometimes manually labourious work your garden requires.

Choosing your Rake & Hoe's 

  • Not only do we offer the premier range of Rakes and Hoes on the market, but we make sure our customers get the product that is perfectly suited to them and the personality of their garden.
  • Whether you are looking to purchase your new Rake or Hoe for garden maintenance or garden transformation, we have the tool to make your journey as easy and as enjoyable a process as possible.
  • Looking to spread material from rocks to dirt to make way for a new flower bed or re-distribute the surface level of your driveway? Make sure to check out our variety of premier Garden Rakes.

Are your gardening needs lighter in nature, such as quickly sweeping your front porch clear of litter in the morning? Then our Leaf Rakes are the optimal choice for you and your home. If you have any further queries about buying the gardening product that is right for you, do not hesitate to talk to one of our helpful members of staff through the online chat system.

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  1. Draper Stainless Steel Draw Hoe
    Draper Stainless Steel Draw Hoe
  2. Draper Stainless Steel Onion Hoe
    Draper Stainless Steel Onion Hoe
  3. Draper Stainless Steel Garden Rake
    Draper Stainless Steel Garden Rake
  4. Draper Digging Hoe
    Draper Digging Hoe
  5. Draper Adjustable Lawn Rake
    Draper Adjustable Lawn Rake

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  6. Draper 3 Prong Hoe Fork
    Draper 3 Prong Hoe Fork
  7. Image For Fiskars Solid™ Soil Rake
    Fiskars Solid™ Soil Rake
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