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Wall Hung Toilets


Explore our range of Wall Hung Toilets from brands including Roca and Vitra.

Wall hung toilets have become increasingly popular over the last few years and can be a real feature point of the bathroom.

What is a Wall Hung Toilet?

A Wall Hung Toilet is essentially a toilet that is hung to the wall. Wall hung toilets are similar to back to wall toilets in the sense the cistern is completely concealed. They are raised off the floor and hung off the wall, there are many benefits to this specific design of toilet.

Choosing your Wall Hung Toilet

Our Wall Hung Toilet range Here at Building Supplies Online is extensive with plenty of options for you to choose from. Our Wall Hung Toilet range includes traditional and contemporary designs from

  • Britton
  • RAK
  • Twyford
  • Aquamist

Below are some examples from our Wall Hung Toilet range that we stock at Building Supplies Online. Please take a look at our other products in our Toilet Bidets section for anything else you may require.

We offer an extensive range of wall hung toilets, designed to make a statement and add instant class to any modern bathroom. A Wall Hung Toilet doesn't include a floor attachment. This is great for cleaning as there are no awkward spaces to get to. The floor underneath can be mopped and hoovered, cleaning can often be a struggle with a standard toilet.

Buying a wall hung toilet means you have the freedom of how high you install it. Height is a factor that has to be considered when installing a toilet. This is because toilets that are too high or too short can have an impact on the elderly, tall users or users with mobility issues. Too much pressure is put on their knees and backs.

If you're looking for a toilet for a smaller bathroom then a wall hung toilet could be a great option for you, as the cistern is concealed in the wall. They don't include a floor attachment, making your bathroom seem bigger than it is and giving the illusion of more space.

Not only are wall hung toilets effortlessly chic and dynamic because of their concealed cistern. They also don't make a noise when flushing meaning you won't wake anyone up the middle of the night when flushing the toilet!

Choosing a Premier Wall Hung Toilet Pan is the perfect solution for a toilet that incorporates space-saving design. Our Premier range wall hung toilet design has the cistern hidden behind the wall giving your bathroom area a sleeker and more spacious look. The Wall Hung Toilet design also grants more floor space because the toilet pan does not actually touch the floor.

Roca Wall Hung Toilet Pan Make the most of the space you have in your bathroom with a Wall Hung Toilet pan from Roca. A Wall Hung Toilet Pan is both aesthetically pleasing and practical. Our range from Roca is made from vitreous china making them not only pleasing to the eye but also durable, strong, and easy to maintain.

Installing a Wall Hung Toilet is perfect for bathrooms where you are looking for a solution to saving space. This keeps a clean and tidy bathroom environment.

How to Install a Wall Hung Toilet

Don't worry about the installation process when it comes to buying a wall hung toilet. With these quickly becoming a favourite choice of toilets amongst homeowners. The installation process is becoming cheaper and with more innovative technology, easier.

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