VELUX Blinds

It's not difficult to see how our beautiful roof window blinds can add the perfect finishing touch to your living space. We boast an impressive array of quality VELUX blinds. These come with other added functionalities to suit every need.

Our Range 

VELUX is renown for offering a comprehensive and contemporary range of high-quality blinds made from durable materials and designed to give an easy operational use 24/7.  They have been providing great products for years and that's why we chose to supply them here at Building Supplies Online.

  • They are made from layered Oeko-Tex which is especially dirt repellent, paired with an aluminum back coating to provide heat resistance in summer but also retaining heat in the winter, this light and durable material is the perfect choice.
  • Our range consist of over 100 standard designs and 12 Disney Designs, these have all been carefully chosen so we can supply the most suitable style for any theme of a room.
  • All of them come in a range of shapes and sizes designed to fit with the many different types of VELUX roof lights. Each design is available in every size so make sure you pick the perfect design for you and the right size to fit your rooflight.
  • Choose from many different colours and styles of VELUX roof window blinds to complement and enhance the current decor, or for an easy and stylish to give your room a contemporary and up-to-date look.
  • If your needs are more practical, you may decide that the right roof window blinds for you are anti-heat window blinds which shield the glass from the outside to prevent the room from becoming uncomfortably hot - or, you may prefer to take advantage of our exceptional range of VELUX blackout window blinds which give you full control of how much light is allowed to enter the room.

Whatever your tastes or requirements, we are confident that you will be able to find the perfect roof window blind within our catalogue.

Which VELUX Blinds Should I Choose?

There is a wide selection to choose from all of which offer something unique to bring life and light to any room.

  • Why not add a little bit of magic to your home by choosing from our range of 12 different Disney styled VELUX Blinds, these are perfect for bringing some colour into a room.
  • For a more relaxed design have a look at the standard the rest of our VELUX Blinds, these offer non-contrasting colours which can be easily integrated into any room. Make sure you have a look at our different operation methods for each of our VELUX Blinds.
  • All VELUX Blinds operate with an easy fitting system called "VELUX Pick&Click". This means that the fitting is as easy as choosing them.
  • Have you considered Blackout Blinds? Some of our styles are blackout blinds, perfect for blocking all light and thus creating a relaxing ambiance.

How do They Work?

They have a selection of operational methods from Manual, Electrical, and Solar powered. The manual ones operate on a glide rail system with an ergonomically shaped handle, the manual VELUX Blinds offer a easy and comfortable use.

For an easier approach to higher up rooflights, the electrically operated VELUX Blinds open at the push of a button, but can still be opened conventionally. Finally, the Solar-Powered blackout blinds can be easily opened and closed by using the integrated solar cell with a full battery.


Gaining control over the light that enters your home is essential. Not only does it allow you to use your Velux Window to its full potential but it gives you the option to completely blackout a room if necessary.

Firstly its worth mentioning that our blinds are made specifically for VELUX windows and fit quickly and easily into your VELUX Window. Yes, there are other blinds but none do the job so effortlessly. Whether you are an afternoon napper or just prefer a darker environment, they offer maximum adjustability while remaining simple to install and use.

So far these are all benefits of having blinds or curtains in general, VELUX Blinds do however come with a unique set of benefits.

  • For example, keeping the blind fully closed and still having full access to open or close the window.
  • For those who love to listen to the rain, they grant you this while being inside and warm and in either near complete darkness or letting some light in, depending on the angle of the window.
  • Finally, another benefit is the sheer range on choice when it comes to choosing your style, colour or design. From heat shields to Starwards blinds, or Venetian to Roman style blinds, and every single one of the styles we offer comes with their easy to install system meaning they will be up and running in no time.

For those who are planning on installing VELUX windows up and out of reach, or already have windows that are out of reach, we have options for you too. As with their windows, they come in electric and solar powered options that can be remotely controlled from just about anywhere in your home. The electric and solar styles are just as easy to install as the manual option.

How Can I Make Sure the Blinds I Choose are Suitable?

We are pleased to be able to offer VELUX blinds for all different kinds of roof windows, from solar-powered flat-roof windows to electric-operated centre pivot styles and much in between.

Create an atmospheric haven with a beautiful print or add a splash of vibrant colour with a choice from our stunning range, keep it classic with a pleated, Roman or Venetian style or choose from our sumptuous range of neutrals to add an elegant and airy feel to your living space.

All that's left is for you to decide roof window blinds are the best fit for you - what are you waiting for?

Can VELUX Blinds be Used on Normal Windows?

Unfortunately, no. They are manufactured to fit only Velux windows due to its unique Pick & Click!™ mounting system. These Velux blinds click into brackets of which are on the window already and it is as easy as that!

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  1. Image for Velux Blackout Blind White - DKL 1025S
    Velux Blackout Blind White - DKL 1025S
    As low as £56.99 Inc. VAT
  2. Image for Velux Blackout Blind Beige - DKL 4556S
    Velux Blackout Blind Beige - DKL 4556S
    As low as £67.00 Inc. VAT
  3. Image for Velux Blackout Blind Beige - DKL 1085S
    Velux Blackout Blind Beige - DKL 1085S
    As low as £56.99 Inc. VAT
  4. Image for Velux Blackout Blind Black - DKL 3009S
    Velux Blackout Blind Black - DKL 3009S
    As low as £67.00 Inc. VAT
  5. Image for Velux Blackout Blind Grey - DKL 0705S
    Velux Blackout Blind Grey - DKL 0705S
    As low as £56.99 Inc. VAT
  6. Image for Velux Duo Blind Blue/White - DFD 1100S
    Velux Duo Blind Blue/White - DFD 1100S
    As low as £77.99 Inc. VAT
  7. Image for Velux Blackout Blind Blue - DKL 2055S
    Velux Blackout Blind Blue - DKL 2055S
    As low as £67.00 Inc. VAT
  8. Image for Velux Venetian Blind White - PAL 7001S
    Velux Venetian Blind White - PAL 7001S
    As low as £71.99 Inc. VAT
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