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Garden hoses are an essential part of your home and garden particularly in the summer months. We have an unbeatable range available online for the best prices, we have something for every budget.

Our Range

Garden hoses are superb for many different reasons, for those with large gardens and an interest in keeping it in a good appearance, it's essential to have a garden hose to maintain life in your grass, flowers and other garden features. Also fantastic for garden ponds too, for when water levels get low you can easily top it up. Innovation has enabled the garden hose to develop fantastically, now more user-friendly than ever we stock anti-kink pipes to maintain continuous water flow and also easy wind in systems so you don't mess around once finished. Also, we have wall mounted systems available which are great for keeping your garden hose neat and tidy and out the way.

Making a Choice

Depending on the size of your garden and green space, this will normally dictate which flexible garden hose is best for you. For smaller gardens a 10m pipe and basic hose with fewer functions are best, this ensures you get all you need for the space you have. For larger gardens with larger areas of green space and flowers, we recommend a larger pipe at 30m length and a more advanced hose with a variety of functions, this ensures that you have the option for delicate settings for flowers and wider range spray for the garden lawn. We have an endless choice of garden hoses to choose from, all with a guarantee from the manufacturer and for the best prices on the web.

Browse our stock of garden hoses, its an essential part of keeping your garden in tip-top appearance right throughout the year.

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