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Toilets & Bidet Range

Our wide range of Toilet sizes helps you find the perfect Toilet to fit in any area you have.

Whether you’re refurbishing your entire bathroom or simply replacing a few bathroom products in your cloakroom, it’s important not to look past the significance of the Toilet as it’s the second most used bathroom appliance after the basin and is not only functional but a focal point of your bathroom. When buying your Toilet you want to ensure it performs well but also looks great and ties in with the rest of your bathroom appliances. With over 150 Toilets and bidets to choose from, you’ll be sure to find your dream Toilet that suits all your bathrooms functional needs. Our range of toilets includes Close Coupled Toilets, Wall Hung Toilets, Back To Wall Toilets, Traditional Toilets and Modern Toilets with a selection of Toilets including water saving technology.

Choosing Your Toilet

Our range of Close Coupled Toilets feature a Toilet Cistern and bowl couple together to create a streamlined and compact unit and are the most traditional and popular type of toilet. This design of toilet is great for hiding any unsightly plumbing or pipework, can suit any style or size bathroom and are available from well known traditional and modern bathroom brands including Burlington and Vitra. Traditional Close Coupled Toilets feature a more classic aesthetic and are usually paired with a traditional Toilet Seat and traditional lever flush. Our modern Close Coupled Toilets are usually paired with a soft close Toilet Seat and feature a Toilet Cistern and bowl with rounded edges. This design of Toilet is a favourite amongst plumbers and homeowners due to its easy installation process. 

If you’re looking for a Toilet for a small space such as a compact cloakroom or en-suite, we have Toilets available with shorter projections. If cleaning is your priority when buying your Toilet, we have a Toilets available in a ‘fully shrouded’ design, this is where the Toilet Cistern and bowl is against the wall from top to bottom, meaning there are no awkward spaces to get around when cleaning. Our selection of Toilets that are back to the wall is a great alternative Toilet to the standard Toilet. Our Toilets that sit back to the wall are fitted to a wall or against a bathroom furniture unit, perfect for hiding any unsightly plumbing or pipework making them not too dissimilar to a toilet that is close coupled.

Toilets that sit back against the wall are becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners due to the fact they don’t take up a lot of space, making them a perfect option for bathrooms where space is limited. Our selection of toilets that are back to the wall does not require any support frames as the Toilet Cistern fits into the corner where the wall meets the floor. Designed to add instant class to any modern bathroom, our wall hung toilets are available from well-known brands including Roca, Vitra and Aquamist. This design of toilet is raised off the floor and hung off the wall with the Toilet Cistern concealed making them effortlessly chic and dynamic. 

Traditional v Modern Toilets

If you’re looking for a toilet to fit an Edwardian, Georgian or Victorian bathroom we offer an extensive range of elegant and timeless period toilets. Our Traditional Toilets are available from well-known brands including Burlington and Vitra in a variety of different styles and sizes. Our selection of traditional Toilets feature brass flush pipes, traditional lever flushes and are usually bought in conjunction with a classic wooden Toilet Seat.

We offer a range of modern Toilets from bathroom brands including Roca, Aquamist and Ideal Standard. Our selection of modern Toilets feature clean, precise lines and simple shapes are available in a variety of sizes. Many of our modern toilets include water saving technology with dual flush, designed to reduce water usage and the cost of your bills. Our modern toilets are finished in white to give the illusion of more space in the bathroom and are usually paired with a soft close toilet seat to minimise noise. We offer a selection of Toilet Seats to go with your toilet in a variety of different finishes and materials. Ideal for family bathrooms our soft close toilet seats help avoid trapped fingers due to their gentle closing mechanism. We also offer a selection of toilet seats available for traditional toilets these are usually finished in a plain white or natural oak.

A Quick Note on the importance of Toilets

Granted toilets are not the most glamorous invention when compared to the aeroplane or the mobile phone, but imagine trying to live without your toilet. Humans are unique in many ways when compared to the rest of earth animals, and the way we dispose of our waste is no different. The reason for the toilet was the industrial revolution pulling people out of the open country in toward cramped cities for jobs and a better life. Unlike the countryside, you cannot just throw your waste out anywhere in more crowded conditions like a town or city, so naturally, that's what we did. Only when this became a very serious problem did we stop throwing our waste out into the street.

We have Alexander Cumming to thank for today's toilets, he was granted the patent for the S curve in all toilets that prevents sewer gas rising up and into your home, along with anything else from the sewer. 405 of the world still don't have access to a flushing toilet like we are used to, so next time you sit down on the loo, take a moment to appreciate your toilet just that little bit more.

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