Garden Gates

A Garden Gate is an important feature to any garden, both in the fact that a Garden Gate will provide you with security to your property, and for its design aspects.

Building Supplies Online is proud to be a stockist of a great range of wooden gates from Forest, one of the UK’s leading specialists for a range of garden supplies and furniture. These high quality wooden gates are made from durable, attractive sawn timber, and are available in a variety of simple or decorative styles. Many of our Forest wooden gates use pressure treated timber for extra durability, coming with a 15 year manufacturer’s anti-rot guarantee, and are especially easy to case for, with no need for yearly treatment.

Alternatively you can choose Forest wooden gates with a factory applied surface treatment, again providing great long-life, with a 10 year manufacturer’s anti-rot guarantee. So whichever wooden gates you choose you can be confident that you are buying a high quality product that is durable, weather resistant, and will give your garden the look and functionality you want for many years. 

Our range of wooden gates includes a variety of simple and decorative styles. If you prefer a simple, uncluttered look for your garden gate you might choose wooden gates from our Pale Fence Panel Gates range. These traditional and ever-popular stake-style wooden gates provide an inviting look to your garden with regular sightlines between the timber panels. This line of wooden gates is available in a range of heights, and is a great budget option.

For people who want their wooden gates to give more privacy our range includes the Forest Lap Style wooden gates and Closeboard wooden gates which arrange overlapping sawn timber panels horizonally or vertically respectively for a tidy, uncluttered look in wooden gates that are durable and robust. Or for more heavy duty option you could choose the Heavy Duty Forest wooden gates that arrange horizontal sawn timber panels in a tongue and groove construction for an incredibly strong but neat and stylish access for your garden.

If you are looking for your fence and wooden gates to be an eye-catching part of your garden decoration in themselves you could choose one of our Forest decorative wooden gates. The Europa style of wooden gates arrange smooth planed, pressure treated timber panels in an alternating relief design either horizontally or in a stylish chevron-style on the diagonal. This creates a modern, eye-catching pattern in the panel work itself and can be chosen with either plain curved, lattice, or slatted integrated tops.

Alternatively, to recreate the traditional English garden look for your home, you could choose the classic Hampton Garden wooden gates with their attractively spaced smooth planed, pressure treated panels, and elegant curved tops. Our decorative wooden gates from Forest not only provide a great look for your garden but are also robust and reliable due to their mortice and tenon jointed framework.

All of the wooden gates in our range can be matched with similar styles of wooden fencing from Forest so you can achieve a complementary style throughout your garden. And they are all available at great value prices so you can get best quality wooden gates whatever your budget.


Choosing your Garden Gate

A Garden Gate can be made from a variety of different materials, such as metal, hardwood, cedar or the more traditional Wooden Garden Gate, but the Wooden Gate is an option you will most likely see being featured in gardens, as the Wooden Gate is stylish and practical and can be very affordable.

On our website we offer a variety of different Garden Gate options, including Wooden Gate options which can be matched to your Wooden Fence. Matching your Wooden Garden Gate to your Wooden Fence will create a very slick and cohesive design for your garden, and thankfully we have many different Garden Gate styles to choose from on our website, Building Supplies Online.

Garden Gate comes in all different sizes and styles, so that you can match your Wooden Gate to your Wooden Fence. For instance, we offer smaller options of Wooden Garden Gate which would go well with front garden fencing, as this will not close off the front of the house which may create an intimidating look, whilst we also offer a larger Wooden Garden Gate which would be ideal for your side or back garden, as it will have more privacy. Similarly, we have a range of Garden Gate that is not able to be seen through if you are really looking for that privacy factor, or alternatively a Wooden Gate that can be seen through makes a great option where you are not looking for a closed off look, and this type of Garden Gate will allow more light and openness in via your Garden Gate. Shop our range of Wooden Gate which can be matched to your Wooden Fence now.

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