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Bradstone Block Paving

Block paving is a very popular choice for a driveway, but block paving slabs can equally be used for a footpath or patio area.

What is Block Paving?

Paving slabs used for block paving are made from natural and concrete based stone, as these types of paving stones need the strength to withstand the daily use by vehicles. Even though these paving slabs are built to be strong and hardwearing, this does not compromise their stylish look, Bradstone paving slabs are available in many styles, colours, also materials, from autumnal tones, sandstone and limestone there are paving stones for every driveway which can really increase the kerb appeal of your property.

Choosing your Bradstone Block Paving

Using paving stones for a driveway means you can build a simple space for your car, or a more involved complex driveway that could incorporate a paving circle for an amazing stylish look. Paving slabs for block paving are installed slightly differently to other paving stones as they must be butted together very tightly with little joint gaps for a really neat finish. Paving stones for a block paved driveway can be laid in a herringbone pattern and have matching or contrasting kerb edges. All the Bradstone paving slabs have enhanced durability and vibrant long lasting colour. Bradstone paving slabs are all responsibly sourced so you know your paving stone project is not harming the environment. When using paving slabs for a larger driveway or patio project it is recommended that you use several packs of paving slabs at the same time to achieve a really good colour mix, blended across the whole project. Bradstone paving slabs are also available in a permeable finish which allows rainwater to simply drain away naturally or to be collected to re-use which complies with current rules about driveways, whilst still providing a lovely finish to your driveway.

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