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Circle Kits

Planning a new patio or paved area beside your house? Paving slabs are the most popular choice. Bradstone paving stones and paving slabs are available in a huge range of textures, colours and styles.

Bradstone Circle Kits

Paving stones are useful if you only require a few to make a path or featured area. Paving stones can be used to create stepping stones across grass or gravel. Both paving stones and paving slabs can have a textured surface so as to be non-slip, which can be an important safety feature on a patio or path, especially in wet weather. Bradstone paving slabs are available in various types from a smooth utility type paving slab that you would use for a greenhouse base, through to beautifully weathered York style paving slabs that you would use for a featured stylish patio area.

Choosing your Bradstone Circle Kit

If you are making a focal point to your patio a paving circle kit can be perfect for this, as it features paving stones in a circular shape followed by several curved paving slabs to complete the circle, also available are squaring off paving slab sets that can complete your paving circle if needed.

Bradstone paving slabs and other products are perfect for a project like this. As Bradstone products are natural stone they will have variations in colour and texture which adds to their appeal. In their patio packs, the paving slabs are in blended shades and some have weathered appearance which adds a vintage look.

Bradstone products are also strong, durable and resistant to weather and staining. Some Bradstone paving stones are designed to be strong enough to be used as driveway material meaning that your Bradstone driveway and patio paving slabs can be continuous around your property for a very contemporary look, which could then both incorporate a paving circle which would be extremely stylish.

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