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Garden Storage

It has become increasingly popular to have a practical and aesthetically pleasing garden area therefore, this trend has been followed by the attractiveness of owning garden storage units.

There are a variety of different materials, styles and sizes of garden storage products available on the market, providing homeowners with a selection of choice to match their desires, tastes and preferences.

Our Range of Garden Storage

Each homeowner has a unique purpose and requirements for their outdoor space, whether that be to grow fruit and vegetables, showcase their outstanding display of flowers or for socialising purposes. Additionally, there are an array of different kinds of garden storage items available to organise your garden and keep it tidy, ranging from a garden shed to a log storage unit.

Garden storage is required for each of these types of homeowners in order to ensure a tidy and organised garden, therefore the first step to choosing the type of garden storage you require is to identify which description is best suited to you.

Uses for Garden Storage

Garden Storage for Gardening Enthusiasts

  • If you are a gardening enthusiast who has a driving passion for regularly ensuring that their plants are growing well, and their garden is constantly in their prime condition, then it is almost certain that you require garden storage. The best type of material for garden storage for garden enthusiasts is wood, as it has naturally-insulated qualities.
  • Additionally, the appearance of wood blends seamlessly into the natural landscape of the garden, meaning it does not stand out like an eye sore, rather it fits perfectly into the aesthetic of the garden. Furthermore, this type of homeowner would require some sort of unit that has racks to store their tools on, such as rakes, shovels and garden forks.
  • Keeping these tools neat and tidy and stored away is to prevent them from being scattered across their garden where anyone can easily fall over these items and to stop them from being visible, which tarnishes the appearance of their garden. This also includes storing things such as lawn mowers, watering cans and any items a green finger might require when keeping the maintenance of their garden to a high standard, which can be neatly stored away when not in use and out of sight.

Garden Storage for Social Homeowners

  • These types of homeowners who are constantly having guests round and socialising, tend to possess a variety of garden furniture which may be used particularly in the summer whether it be at a family BBQ or a cosy night around the fire. However, in the colder months, garden furniture requires a specific type of storage in order to protect and maintain their optimal condition, such as wooden furniture.
  • This includes furniture covers which allow the condition of the furniture to be protected from damage and ensure that it is still at a high quality ready for the following summer.
  • Additionally, if a homeowner is social and regularly has guest round for a variety of occasions, particularly in the colder months, then they might have an open fire in their garden.
  • In this case, then the homeowners would need somewhere to store their wood which is why they should invest in a log storage unit. This type of garden storage prevents the clutter and loose sawdust from creating a mess within a garden or even inside their home.
  • It provides an organised and efficient way to store and access to the wood, keeping it out of the way and tidy until it is required for use.
  • As well as this, it will keep the wood dry and sheltered from rain, meaning that it will be in top condition for burning at any given time so that your guests can be entertained and welcomed with a warm sensational fire, both inside and outside.

Materials of Garden Storage

On the other hand, there are many other types of materials than can be considered when choosing a type of garden storage. Although wood is good for gardeners and blends in with the aesthetic of the garden, it requires regular maintenance to ensure that it is consistently in its prime condition - wood needs to be re-coated every so often.

Metal and steel garden sheds are more durable than wood as they are less likely to become damaged or lose the quality of their prime condition. Polypropylene proves to be the easiest to maintain out of all of the materials, as it easy to take apart, reconstruct and move locations.

This means that is very easy to relocate it around to different areas of the garden, allowing a gardener to store their tools close to whichever area they are currently working on, particularly if the garden is large. However, this type of material is not as aesthetically pleasing as wood or metal, therefore, it is completely up to each individual homeowner on which material they choose and style, based on their requirements, tastes and preferences. 

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