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Ironmongery is crucial for making any necessary cosmetic improvements or repairs to the external and internal doors on your property.

Ironmongery is key for making any required aesthetic improvements or repairs to the exterior composite and interior doors on your property.

If you need door ironmongery for traditional or modern properties, we have a wide range of accessories to offer, which would be perfect for both private properties, in addition to commercial properties.  Ironmongery is available in our range to include, door handles and knobs, hinges and door-stops.

Ironmongery is necessary for the general performance of your doors.  We provide a variety of door accessory products that are both durable and are affordable. Find a selection of hinges to purchase here.

Hinges are bearings that connect two things together bearing the weight from one to the other.  If you are looking for residential hinges there is a selection of finishes and styles to suit the decorative design of your house.  For more commercial or for when you need a heavy bearing capability there is a choice of heavy-duty hinges.

We stock a range of butt door hinges in stainless steel in a variety of finishes such as chrome and zinc plated.

Ironmongery is an essential finishing touch to any interior, they are a great way to throw in a little more character and personality into your interior.

Our ironmongery range is perfect for both traditional and contemporary tastes, but, why not go for something a tad more visually appealing?  We provide a range of internal door handle accessories suitable for any price point in the UK.  From contemporary to traditional, chrome to brass.  In addition, we offer privacy internal door handles accessories for your bathroom or shower room.

What you might not realise, yet, is that steel door handles have a number of advantages over door handles made from other materials.  Since steel is strong it doesn’t need much maintenance.  Steel isn’t vulnerable to rust and comes in various degrees of fire-resistance.  Steel also does not need to be replaced as often for the above reasons.  To find your perfect door handle have a browse of our range of products on our door handle page. Our internal door accessories enable you to slide open and close your new or existing door with ease.

Are you making improvements to your doors?  Glass Packs offer a variety of different styles and designs that will enhance your interior design and décor.

Sought after products in this range include the LPD 9 piece blue corner glass pack for Downham internal door and also LPD abe leaded 2 piece glass pack for Malton internal door.

Frames, Architraves and Skirting can enhance the overall appearance of any door, whilst improving the efficiency and performance of the door.  They successfully help to create a beautiful finished look.  Popular products include the architrave set (ogee profile) for internal oak door pairs as well as the JB Kind external oak double leaf door frame.

At Building Supplies Online we pride ourselves on our consistent attention to detail, providing front door accessories to hundreds of homes, delivered across the UK.

When planning your door installation, take a look at our guide on standard door sizes to make sure you are ordering the correct door. If you would like additional information regarding our range of door accessories do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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